How to Make A Promo Video for Your Restaurant

Cooking is both an art form and a performance. Just like dance or drama, it’s a finely tuned balance between time, space and visuals. Think about all the times when you’ve tried to cook for people and you mis-timed it so some things were burnt and others undercooked? Any great chef will also tell you that a plate of food looks appetizing because of its kaleidoscope of colors and textures. This is all great news for promoting your restaurant because you have so many colors and themes that you could be using with your online video maker. In fact, try the Promo Editor and check out the various food templates where stunning dishes look either fluffy, sizzling or effervescent with a slight crisp.

Making a Promo Video with an Online Video Maker

When you make a video, you should consider what you want to achieve before you even get started. For example, are you talking about a new menu or a special promotion that you’re launching? This will help you work out key message for your free online video maker and then the following details will be easier to determine:

  • Leverage your video maker templates
  • Use the right features to show off your food
  • Keep videos fresh and updated
  • Create videos less than 1 minute
  • Include clear call to action

Video Maker Templates

Browsing through video templates will give you lots of ideas about the different styles and formats that are out there and how to structure your first video. Some will of course immediately jump out at you and others less so. Although, it’s worth remembering that you want to share emotion and passion when you customize the final output with your video editor. That’s where the performance comes into it.

There’s a reason some restaurants have the chefs cooking in the middle of the customers. It’s enticing and highly engaging to watch the drama of making food. Moreover, you can show this with your online video maker. You can easily film close ups of sizzling grills or melting butter with the right music tracks to make anyone’s mouth water. The video editor options can also accentuate the various colors accordingly.

Video Features

When video editing, you can play around with transitions and jump cuts. Sometimes features such as animations can enhance your online video. Furthermore, most video editor tools also allow you to add funky text for your final key message.

You can also think about what you can do with slow motion to create more impact. Perhaps you’ll have coffee beans slowly falling across your images or what about steaming chocolate sauce being poured over ice cream? All these graphics will have your viewers on the edge of their seats and ready to book their table at your business.

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Fresh Video Content

Things move so quickly in the online world. It’s therefore important to keep updating your content when you make videos. For example, your subject matter could move from the kitchen to the restaurant or simply focus on the food. You might also want to consider changing your music tracks or, on the contrary, staying true to your one theme. Whatever you decide, it’s so easy to make videos with a video maker that you’ll be able to regularly post onto social media.

Short and Sweet

Most people’s attention span is less than a minute. Having said that, you want to grab them within the first few seconds otherwise they’ll probably move on. Therefore, have a think about what colors and visuals you can use to create a wow factor straight at the start of your video. This is where looking through the video template library can be useful for getting ideas. Then it’s simply a question of customizing with your video editor and including your own content with a simple drag and drop.

Strong Call to Action

You now have your awesome online video that looks professional. You’re ready to post but have you checked the final message? Is it clear what you want people to do? Is there a number for them to call to book or a link for them to sign up to? Many videos fall short at this point and let people down at the final moment because viewers don’t know how to connect. So, before you download your video, make sure you have a clear message for action at the end.

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Final Thoughts for Promoting your Restaurant with an Online Video Maker

When you create videos to promote a restaurant, you have so much to play with including colors, music and people. Including your chef and the team in your online video can also be highly engaging for viewers. Once you know your overall approach though, it’s very easy to download your template. You can choose from the range of stock, drag and drop your images and customize accordingly with your video editor. Make sure you have the right blend of close-ups, music tracks and images of gorgeous food. That way people are bound to start calling your restaurant.

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