How to Make an Old House Look Modern

Old houses are beautiful in their own right. Not everyone wants a home that looks like it came from the 19th Century, though. If you’re more into the modern look, you might find that your older house model lets you down.

That doesn’t mean a modern home isn’t doable for you; it just requires a bit of effort! If you want to make an old house look modern, read on.

Choose a Consistent Theme

There are different types of modern home themes, such as art deco and contemporary. To keep your home looking seamless and beautiful, start by choosing a single modern style. Not only will it look great, but it will make the decorating part a lot easier, as you’ll know the exact style you are aiming for.

Replace the Doors

Doors can instantly age a property. Even if you have modern furniture, the wrong door can let the entire room down. So, if you want to modernize your old house, get rid of the ancient doors and replace them with sleek, modern ones.

Don’t forget about the garage door! If you want your house to look just as good from the outside, choose panel doors for garages to instantly improve its appearance while giving it a modern touch.

Add Modern Lighting

Lighting can instantly change the way a room looks. Fortunately, there are plenty of modern light fixtures on the market to modernize your home with minimal effort. Modern lights often involve characterful pieces that act as a room’s centerpiece, many with interesting geometric shapes.

Paint, Paint, Paint

If your old house hasn’t had a fresh lick of paint in a while, it’s time to get out your worn shirt and paintbrushes (or hire a decorator!). Painting a room can instantly lift it and give it that modern appearance you are chasing. Choose strong wall colors like black and white for a truly modern-looking home.

Replace the Windows

Tired windows really age a property. So, if you want to modernize your property, replace the windows. Black windowpanes look especially good, with the monochrome look adding to that perfectly modern style. Bonus tip: if you’re replacing windows, choose double and triple glaze for extra insulation.

Place Down Fresh Flooring

The floor of a home makes an enormous difference to the overall style. If your flooring is old and worn (or simply not modern enough for your tastes), rip it up and start fresh with some modern flooring. Laminate and vinyl flooring look wonderfully modern without costing too much money!

Choose Minimalist Colors

Modern is known for that classic, clean look that gives off a classy atmosphere. To achieve that, choose minimalist colors – and only a few of them. For a modern look, you don’t want to splatter your rooms with rainbow colors. Instead, choose three (maybe four) minimalist colors to decorate your rooms. Dark blues, creams, greys and blacks work well!

Owning an old house does not mean you can’t decorate it in a modern style. With these tips, you can turn an early 20th-century property into one that looks classy, clean, and modern.


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