How to make passive income

You can treat HYIPs differently, but they exist and are popular. They work as the Ponzi principle of a financial pyramid. They allow both a big win and an offensive loss, but the latter does not scare people. Users analyze investment sites, learn to enter and exit on time. There will always be plenty of people who want to participate in such programs. Nowadays, some people are already using them as their main source of income.

How to build your own investment model

You must have minimal financial knowledge and direct experience in investing if you want to become an administrator of a HYIP project and raise funds. The right decision in this context is to buy HYIP in a company engaged in their development. It will cost some money, but investments cannot be avoided in any case. Professional support ensures that you get a working platform. They will develop a website, integrate a script into it, solve legal and technical issues, and ensure reliable management of a HYIP project.

It is necessary to have an understanding of the process even counting on the help of professionals. Let’s start with the fact that you have to choose a HYIP model:

  • traditional financial pyramid;
  • matrix;
  • economic game.

The first option requires a legend under which users invest money. It is in order to after a certain period (it can be 12 hours, a week, a month, etc.) they return with a profit. Its size depends on what percentage of dividends you assign.

Your benefit will be in receiving your deductions for each payment to the investor. The number of project users can be in the hundreds and thousands. This indicates the normal functioning of the pyramid, when the administrator will not remain in the loser. All the investments making you for the HYIP project to exist will pay off with interest.


Profitability is an important component

It should be noted what HYIP projects exist, based on their financial strategy. They can be highly profitable. The amount of dividends on such platforms exceeds 60% of the invested funds. Roughly speaking, such a model is designed for administrators and investors who want everything at once. However, if you do not have enough experience, do not mess with it. Medium-term programs are much more preferable. They do not promise investors super profits, but dividends are considered quite attractive, within 50% of the contribution.

An average-income HYIP can exist for months, sometimes for about one year. During this time, each party receives its income, while the administrator studies the behavioral model of investors, evaluates the effectiveness of the chosen financial strategy. If necessary he carries out marketing activities aimed at improving it.

The latter are especially needed in the implementation of low-income projects. Their disadvantage for the investor is in investmenting (for example, 10 dollars) pays off for a long time, since the dividends are small. The main advantage is that a person is almost guaranteed to receive his profit. As a rule, low-income projects “live for a very long time”. There are many examples when they function for years. The administrator uses various mechanisms to attract new users and encourage reinvestment during this time.

Economic games and matrices are mostly examples of long-term projects. A fascinating plot is needed for the ones, which most often imitates economic activity or is associated with the virtual extraction of any resources. As for the matrix, it is based on referral programs. This is an important marketing ploy.

Each HYIP project, regardless of the model, implies the presence of referrals. These are people who are invited by a current investor through a link posted on Internet resources. He receives a reward for this. The referral program is implemented voluntarily on most HYIPs. The exception is the matrix, where the search for an invitation to new participants is the main meaning of the game.


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