How to Make the Most of Time for NEET Preparation? – Effective Utilization of Time 

It is important to value the importance of time for NEET preparation and make the most of it. Regardless of the fact that whether you are preparing for NEET 2021 or the board examination, your success as a student depends on how best you utilize time outside your classes. Discussed in this article are few tips helping those who are finding it difficult to juggle between schedules. We offer help to strike a balance.

Effective Utilization of Time for NEET Preparation

1. Start Early Preparation

It is always the best approach to start early, not only for NEET but for any exam. It gives ample time to carefully review and take wise steps.

2. Timetable in place

No exam preparation is complete without having framed a well-thought and convenient study planner. It is one of the best and most effective ways to judiciously make use of time. Have a timeline of all upcoming events related to NEET 2021 and plan your schedule accordingly. Remember to devote more preparation time to build a strong foundation, a stronghold of basics. 

3. Identity priorities 

Make a list of your priorities. It may be that you struggle to find time for exam preparation, some can have issues with delaying and more. Key out your root cause and work on them from scratch to make room for more time for preparation.

4. Keeping a time log – tracking time

Structure your days, track your activities and make a note of them. In this step, you are fact-finding and trying to learn where your time is being spent. You’d be surprised to see towards the end of the day that you are being unproductive for more than half your time.

5. Analyze routine 

After you track your time, evaluate your pattern. Some activities can be grouped under entertainment, some heath, some work, some studying and miscellaneous. Grouping can help you to understand and reflect upon your energy levels and mood for each activity. This can help you cut down on unnecessary activities and focus on NEET preparation.

6. Get rid of redundant activities 

Start to eliminate unnecessary activities slowly and steadily. Look at the group in which you spend the most time and that which is not needed. This could be spending time on social media. You can gradually limit this activity and instead allot this time on preparation. It helps to be mindful and more focussed this way.

7. Make changes to the schedule

Now, with the elimination of unnecessary activities, reschedule your timetable and allot that extra time to prepare for NEET.

8. Assess and adapt

Routine can help us stick to it. Assess your routine to see what works best for you. Do not step back from experimenting. After these attempts, reassess your plan and make suitable adjustments where necessary. 

Remember, it all begins with the right decision. Prioritizing studies can help you stay on top of your coursework and increase your academic performance. These were a few tips to make the most of your time. Subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube Channel to explore more on NEET.


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