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How To Make The Perfect Bedding Set-Up

To assist you in creating your bedding collection, we’ve put up a bedding guide with quality fabrics, mattresses, and accessories. Create a personalized calming retreat—a carefree zone where you may get away from the hustle and bustle of the day.

You may dress your bed in a rainbow of 100% linen bedding that grows softer with each wash and never requires ironing. Alternatively, relax in a serene haven of clean white percale cotton sheets and a beautifully embroidered blanket.

From all-down to down-alternative pillows, you’ll discover the ideal pillow for a good night’s sleep, as well as a mattress and box spring that properly suits your bed frame. We take the effort to discover and emphasize the excellent elements in this bedding guide. Here’s what you need for your perfect bedding set-up.

Blankets, Sheets, And Pillowcases

There’s more to choosing the finest sheets, pillows, and blankets for your bed than thread count. Make sure you select a top sheet that fits the thickness of your bed (the fitted sheets are a generous 16″ deep). Choose a fiber depending on how you sleep and how you want your hands to feel. It’s also a good idea to keep at least two sets of king size sheets per bed, so you can make the bed whenever you want, regardless of when you do the laundry.


Lightweight blankets may be used in a variety of ways in bedrooms or guest rooms. In warm weather, they may be used to replace heavier blankets, while they can be used to add layers of warmth in cold weather. For additional intricacy and intrigue, look for a blanket with borders. To create a strip of different colors or textures, fold a duvet at the foot of the bed. These fabrics may also be used in the lounge room, home offices, and even outdoor areas for movie nights or stargazing.

Linen or Percale?

The percale bed sheets are 100% cotton and feature a tight woven for a crisp feel. They have a smooth, matte texture that seems hardly there on your skin and are more relaxed, making them a fantastic choice for the summer. Linen bedding is airy, can wick away moisture, and seamlessly shift from season to season. They’re also completely biodegradable and manufactured from flax, a renewable and ecologically beneficial material. Percale and linen sheets, regardless of material, wear well above time and grow softer with each wash.

Count of Threads

Thread count is determined by the number of vertical and horizontal threads per square inch. Contrary to popular belief, a very high thread count may result in a delicate weave that isn’t as durable over time. In our experience, the softest, longest-lasting cotton bedding starts at a 200 thread count.

Quilts, Duvets, And Coverlets Are All Types Of Bedding

Consider your bed’s cover as a critical statement item and the focal point of your room. Add ornamental cushions to dress it up or down, a rug to complete the design, and lighting, art, and décor to finish the look. Look for solid color fabrics that make your headboard the main point of the space if you have a statement-making headboard. You can never go wrong with pure white bedding for a timeless design that fits in any room.

Foundations and Mattresses

The basis of a comfy bed is a good mattress. Look for features that enhance sleep quality, such as a coil system that prevents weight and movement from being transferred from one side of the bed to the other. A mesh border enables the mattress to breathe and promotes ventilation.

Mattress Protectors

Mattress cushions are helpful for more than just adding padding to your mattress. By wicking away moisture, they keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Choose materials that naturally repel mold and dust mites to extend the life of your mattress.

Bed Skirts

Consider adding a bed skirt if you want to maximize room beneath the bed but don’t want to show storage containers. These things conceal the structure and storage underneath the bed. Choose split-corner tailoring, which will fit most bed frames.

Bedding Alternatives

1. Bedworks

Bedworks are the number one suggestion these days whether you’re searching for a bed frame, sides, or mattress. They’re making progress in their field and seem to be a good choice. But do their services live up to their billing? Companies are often inflated to the point that the praise is unjustified and excessively overstated. They most certainly do!

It is not only comfy and long-lasting, but it is also environmentally beneficial.

You’ve switched to reusable shopping bags. Plastic straws are no longer an option. You’ve even put solar panels on your roof because you believe sustainable energy is the way of the future.

Investing in long-term sleep is the next obvious step. Read here to get a more detailed bedworks review.

If you’re searching for a new wood bed, you’re probably browsing around for a good bargain or a must-have design. Have you, on the other hand, made environmental sustainability a major priority? If you haven’t already, you should.

Manufacturing processes may hurt the environment due to hazardous chemicals and the burning of fossil fuels. If you have the choice, go for the green option.

We are pleased to promote this environmental message at BedWorks by ensuring that all products satisfy stringent ecological safety requirements. The beautiful wood bed frames are constructed from sustainable plantation woods and coated with Livos natural sealing materials created in Germany.

These fabulous eco-friendly stains use only organic ingredients to create a stunning natural finish. This means Livos colors are better for the wood, your family, and the environment.

2. Bed Threads

Bed Threads is exceptionally open about its sourcing and production processes. The pesticide-free flax used in the 100 percent French Flax Linen is used throughout the plant, so there is no waste.

Your Bed Threads sheet sets will not be exceptionally soft when they arrive. They’re a little scratchy at first, but after a few washes, their softer side emerges. The more you wash your linens, the quieter and more luxurious they become. Read this Bed Threads review for a more detailed idea of their products.

Linen sheets are what Bed Threads are. They may be thicker and less soft than other kinds of sheets, even if they soften with time. However, linen has its advantages, such as being long-lasting, breathable, and relaxed.

The company has a rustic feel to it, and it provides bright, earthy hues to help you create a natural look in your bedroom. The company is carbon neutral and employs ethical labor standards in its manufacturing. It uses environmentally friendly packaging and does not use pesticides on its flax. All of these choices are ones that we agree with.

Bed Threads is an excellent brand, and their bedding is well worth the money. 


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