How to Make Wooden Wedding Bands for Men?

As people are becoming more concerned about the ecosystem, the popularity of natural and eco-friendly alternatives is increasing. Being said that, wooden wedding bands are also becoming famous. If you look closely, you will find many people who wear matching wooden wedding rings or attractive koa wood bands.

But, are you aware that many wooden wedding bands can be made at home with little effort? Today, we’ll be discussing 6 tips that can help you to make wooden wedding bands for men at home. Without further ado, let’s carry on.

Decide the Design and Start Collecting Supplies

The first and most important part of a DIY project is to decide the actual design. Do you want a simple wooden band or an intricate one? Do you want to engrave any special designs? Do you want to give a modern finishing or a delicate touch? These are some important questions you should ask before beginning the process. This will determine the shape of your wooden wedding band as well as the type of wood you’ll be using to create the band.

After you’re done figuring out the design, you should focus on collecting materials. If you want a recommendation, check this list:

Cut the Ring

This is the starting of your main event. If you want to create an impressive wooden ring, you need to cut the ring blank. Look at the end of your wooden stick and measure a 3.5 inch from the end. Then you must carefully draw a straight line down the width. After you’re done marking, it’s time to cut the grain. However, don’t forget that you need to cut against the grain with the saw. If you cut with the grain, your wedding band might become vulnerable to cracks and dents. Additionally, it will damage the internal structure of your ring.

Drill the Hole

Now that you’ve made the blank, it’s time to start the drilling process. Before you proceed, mark the center of the black with any pencil or pen. The placement doesn’t have to be perfect as you’ll be cutting most of them. After that, make your blank steady by putting it in a vice. Now you should start drilling. Always choose a drill that has a narrower width than your finger. However, don’t apply too much pressure or the wood will split in half.

Use Sandpapers

This is an important step as it will make the inside of the finger hole smoother. Remember that sanding is a time-consuming process. So, you should not lose your patience. Use Dremel or sandpapers to smoothen the edges. If you want to use sandpaper, then consider choosing medium grit and then higher grit to provide a smoother texture. If you feel uncomfortable while wearing the ring, you should continue the sanding process.

Trim Corners and Draw the Shape

After you’ve completed the sanding process, you should trim off the blank corners of your wooden wedding band. This will reduce the timing you’ll need for sanding the outer edges.

Start Sanding the Final Shape

This is the most important step while making wooden EpicWeddingBands for men. Once you’re done with everything, it’s time to sands the entire ring. A gentle reminder that is process is the longest and most time-consuming. While sanding the ring, you must be aware of the pressure you’re applying. Constantly move the ring so that you don’t end up with a flat spot. If you make one mistake during this stage, there’s no way you can recover from it.

After sanding, just give the ring a thin oil coat and rub it. Once the coating has been applied successfully, congratulations! You’ve created a wooden wedding band.


These are the 6 steps you should keep in mind while creating a wooden wedding band for men. Remember that a DIY project is not an easy task to perform. You need a lot of practice before successfully making a ring. And if you’re not confident enough, you could always visit professional jewelers to purchase attractive wooden wedding rings.


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