Are you worried that your wedding is just around the corner of the next month and you have no idea how to make it unique, as setting new trends on your marriage has officially become a thing now? We have something great and never heard of the idea before that can add charm to your wedding and make your special day extra special. Have you ever heard of sola wood flowers before and what kind of these flowers are? If not, then don’t worry, we got your cover. However, the sola wood flowers- wooden wedding bouquets are the talk of the town, especially in the wedding season.

Want to know what are sola wood flowers? 

Sola wood flowers are eco-friendly flowers found naturally from a tapioca plant root called Cassava (a.k.a. manioc, arrowroot, yuca). These sola wood flowers are manufactured from the woods of a marshy plant which have renewable property. It has been misunderstood that from tapioca or Cassava plant sola wood flowers are obtained which is not true. Another specialthing of these sola wood flowers is that it looks real just like any other flower. These are easy to cut flowers that can be cut and designed into any shape and design of your own. Not only this, but you can also try painting on these flowers as well.

What can you plan with sola wood flowers on your wedding day?

As we all know that sola wood flowers have high molding properties, which makes them highly lovable, and you can quickly try out multiple things for your grand day. We are wondering what you can try with these sola wood flowers? Here is a list of things you can try out with these flowers: wooden wedding bouquets, handmade rings, bridal bouquets, flower backdrops, Gifts & Décor, Wedding décor, bridal showers, and even Corsage/Boutonnière. There are multiple ways to explore the use of these flowers, and the best part is that these aren’t even that expensive. These wooden flowers for sale are readily available from numerous websites. All you have to do is search for these websites online and make an order for your special day.

Isn’t it amazing that your wedding day is quickly turned out into the most special one with a natural dewy vibe on your day, making it more special?

Types of sola wood flowers

Mentioning down some types of the available sola wood flower styles in which these sola wood flowers come in:

  1. Flower Style
  • Roses
  • Peonies
  • Lilies
  • Succulents
  • Spring Flowers
  • Summer Flowers
  • Fall Flowers
  • Winter Flowers
  1. Dyed Sola Flowers
  2. Dyed Assortments
  3. Dyed Single Flowers

How much does sola woof flowers cost?

Another reason these flowers are much in demand is because they are very affordable and pocket-friendly, and especially in the wedding season, the websites are offering wooden flowers for sale. If you plan to invest in these flowers on your wedding day or do something unique and different with these flowers, these sola wood flowers can be the right option for you.

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