How To Make Your House Look Larger Than It Really Is

Everyone wants to live in a larger house. Whether your current property is a one-bed or a two-bed, you can always use some extra space.

Not only does additional space give you more places to put furniture or allow you to have more friends around for social gatherings, but it can improve your mood, too.

The reason for this is that your rooms will feel less claustrophobic, you will likely have less clutter lying around and you will be able to spread out. This is especially felt in smaller properties, which can feel cramped if you are not clever with storage solutions and furniture positioning.

Of course, building a huge house extension or simply moving house altogether is not always possible. You will likely have to work with a tight budget and make intelligent use of natural and artificial light, certain paint colors and minor structural alterations.

This is how to make your house appear larger than it is:

Fit a Conservatory

One of the most cost-efficient and practical ways of increasing the size of your property is to fit a conservatory.

While a large extension is desirable, it will inevitably cost an eye-watering sum of money, take a great deal of time to complete, and won’t necessarily give you that much more room.

Instead, a conservatory is relatively inexpensive, will require less work to clear at the planning office, and will be less impactful on the overall aesthetic of your property and garden.

What’s more, a conservatory gives you a separate experience from the rest of the house. It draws in a huge amount of natural light and heat and visually connects your property to the garden. If you want to learn more about a Conservatory design that suits your property, it is worth speaking to a professional who can talk you through the process.

Insert Larger Windows Which Draw in More Light

A simple way to make your rooms appear larger than they are is to increase the amount of light.

The best way to do this is to insert larger windowpanes which draw in more natural light. However, if this is not possible for whatever reason, you could use artificial lights to create a similar effect instead.

Downlighters are great for making walls look larger than they are but remember that this will only be possible in the evenings, so the effect will not be the same as with natural light.

Paint Rooms in Lighter Colors

Another great trick you can use to make interior spaces appear larger is to paint rooms in light and non-aggressive colors.

Shades like baby blue, sage green, a light yellow and white will make a room look much larger. Naturally, the opposite is true of dark colors, which should be avoided at all costs if you want to make your house appear larger.

Take a Minimalist Approach with Furniture

The less furniture you have in your house, the bigger it will look.

If you have ever moved house, you would have likely been shocked by how huge rooms looked without furniture cluttering them up.

While you can’t get rid of everything, take a minimalist approach and replace bulky items (like couches and beds) with smaller equivalents.


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