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How to Pick Paint Colors for Interior Rooms?

Want to change how your room looks and feels? Picking the right color for your room is critical to making the room pleasant. A good painting company like Stubbins Painting San Diego can help you transform the look of your room. They serve all of San Diego and have years of experience. Along with a good painting contractor, you must choose the right color to make sure your room looks good. Given below are tips on how to pick the right paint colors for your interior rooms:

Create a Color Scheme

Use color theory and create a color scheme. You don’t need in-depth knowledge about color theory to get ideas. Use inexpensive tools like the color wheel to get ideas for your color scheme. While you may not choose the exact colors from the wheel, it can give you ideas on how to play with combinations. Another way to create a color scheme is to take inspiration from items in your home. Select three colors from an existing item in your home. Pick anything that you like. Take this item to the paint store and find three sample strips with your chosen colors. Each of these strips will have various shades of the same color, and you will have 15-20 colors to choose from. Once you have narrowed down the three colors, you can pick one of them as your wall color and leave the other two for your furniture and fabrics. You can choose a fourth color to use as an accent for smaller areas in each room.

Decide on the Finish

Once the colors are chosen, think about the finish you want. Most paints today have increased stain resistance. Typically, most people use a satin finish for walls because it can be scrubbed off easily and doesn’t highlight imperfections. Your finish can also create a visual effect on the wall. You can paint one wall in a satin finish and another in a semi-gloss or high-gloss finish. The higher the gloss, the more attention it will draw. However, if you use it right, the combination of color and gloss will make your room look stylish.

Think About How You Want the Room to Feel

Color can impact how you feel. Many experts believe that you should choose any room’s color based on how you use that room. The color you pick can enhance the mood of the room. For instance, you can paint your living rooms, kitchens, and dining rooms with warm colors, while private areas in your house like your bedroom or office room can be painted in cooler colors like sky blue.

Use Neutral Colors Creatively

Your room doesn’t have to look dull because of a neutral color. Neutral colors can up the style quotient in any room if used creatively. Add a neutral color to a striped wall to make it look stylish while still keeping the room relaxed. Add a pastel-colored ceiling with neutral walls to bring in an element of color without losing the relaxing vibe.

Get Ideas from the Outdoors

The outdoors are a great inspiration for picking colors for your room. You can pick a shade of green from the foliage outside your home or choose refreshing beach hues. Most outdoor-inspired color themes are considered to be relaxing. Ensure you sample the colors at all times of the day to get a feel of how they will look.

Use Testers Before Buying Large Amounts of Paint

Purchase tester paints in different shades and paint a large area on the wall you want to paint. Using testers will give you an idea of how the paint will look in your room when the light hits it at various times during the day. Testers can save you a considerable amount of time and money and help you choose the right color.

Test the Paint against Furniture and Other Fabrics

Other than testing the paint on your walls, check them against your existing furniture and fabrics. Hold up your furniture against the wall with the tester paint to see if it goes well. Holding fabrics and furniture against the pain will give you an idea of whether they go together or not.

Accent Walls

Accent walls add a focal point to your room. Try to paint the accent wall in a bright color if the other walls are white or have neutral tones. This bright color will add a contemporary and dramatic edge to your room.


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