How to place live bets at Mostbet bookmaker1

How to place live bets at Mostbet bookmaker

Live betting is a type of sports betting during a sporting event. For example, a bet on the outcome of a football match during its duration. Live bets are opposed to Prematch bets. Live bets have a number of features, both in terms of the process of setting such bets and in terms of displaying them in bookmakers.

How to bet live

Betting in Live mode is very simple – to do this, you need to go to the website of any bookmaker and select the appropriate tab in the line.

Next, you need to decide directly on the outcome on which the bet will be made and make a bet. Live betting is about as popular as pre-match betting. It all depends on the player, his ability to quickly analyze the situation, the availability of available information on the participants in the event, and so on.

Some bookmakers offer more live bets, others less – here everything is also individual and requires a careful approach to choosing the necessary bookmaker.

At the same time, do not forget that only the bookmaker can offer you the most favorable conditions for betting.


Of course, live betting is gaining the most popularity during any major and well-known events. If we talk about football, then it can be the Champions League, the Championships of Germany, England, Spain, Italy, the Europa League and so on. The number of players for this period increases many times due to the replenishment of the ranks of betters by fans of various teams and fans of this sport in general.

The main differences between Live betting and betting in Prematch mode

As mentioned earlier, live betting has many distinctive features. This article will cover the most basic of them:

  • Time to set the rate. No matter how obvious it may be, but live bets have less time for the better to prepare. And now the point is not only that you need to place a bet before the end of the event, but that with every passing minute, the odds can be greatly adjusted. It is logical that if only 10-15 minutes remain until the end of the event, it will be quite simple to predict the outcome, which means that the coefficient will be insignificant, i.e. it is not possible to earn a lot of money at such a rate.
  • The need to constantly monitor the current situation. When placing a bet in live mode, the player must constantly monitor the situation “on the field”, follow the development of events and, if necessary, act. For example, in the case of setting a bet that is almost doomed to failure, you can try to win it back with a counter-bet or simply make another, more successful bet. In any case, the better’s attention will be divided between watching the game and betting, which means you need to be prepared for this. Fortunately, now every self-respecting bookmaker has an online broadcast of the event, thanks to which you can follow all the indicators on the same page.
  • Margin. What you need to know about margin in live betting? That she is more. This is a rule that works almost 100% of the time. Of course, there are exceptions, but they only confirm the rule. Margin levels in live betting can easily reach 9-10%. Hence the need for forecasting and the need for high ratios in order to offset the value of a high margin indicator.
  • Live betting for experienced betters. The level of preparation for live betting should be greater than for pre-match betting. It takes into account both the reaction to unforeseen situations, and general knowledge of the sport, event and specific event, as well as the ability to predict, think critically and many other skills that are important for the correct game for money. Of course, a beginner can also test his strength in live betting with a quick result, but the probability of winning is significantly reduced.
  • Emotions and bankroll. Live bets are extremely spectacular and have a much stronger impact on inexperienced players, because in the future they are waiting for fast and easy money. This is a very common misconception that often leads to loss of funds. That is why in live betting it is very important to clearly limit the amount that can be spent on one event, and not go beyond it. In other words, form a bank. Thus, you can warn yourself against so many problems, including the gambling desire to win back, which, in the absence of experience and a clear plan, always leads to bad consequences.

Of course, these are not all the differences between live bets, but the minimum that you should pay close attention to for a successful game in a bookmaker.


At the same time, it is important to understand when and why to bet in live. Sometimes inexperienced players only hurt themselves with a sudden desire to bet money in real time, but after a few losses they quickly come to their senses. In order to avoid other people’s mistakes, it is necessary to study the upcoming event well, understand what bet to make is most profitable, how to calculate the best set of circumstances, and then luck will definitely be on the player’s side.

How to place live bets at Mostbet bookmaker






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