How to Plan a 1960’s Style Wedding

Thankfully, in recent times, the trends for overtly expensive and highly ostentatious weddings are receding into the past and now, more personalized and intimate weddings are much more popular.

One fantastic idea, especially if you are a lover of everything ‘60s and of course, good ol’ rock and roll, is to plan a 1960’s wedding. If this sounds like something you are interested in, then you should continue reading!

1.   Your Wedding Invitations

As soon as you have booked the venue, or if you a couple who is ultra-prepared and want to send out initial ‘save the date’ cards before the official invitations, you should start to introduce your 1960’s theme.

Think romantic and highly intricate writing, with lots of swirls and ostentatious patterns and remember the golden rule of ‘60s invitations: the brighter and bolder the color scheme, the better.

2.   The Bride’s Dress

The all-important dress is naturally going to be one of the ultimate focal points of your entire wedding day into the night and as a result, if you and your partner are truly dedicated to sticking wholeheartedly to a 1960’s theme, then the dress should be authentic as possible.

When choosing the right wedding dress for you, which is simultaneously in-keeping with your 1960’s theme, as well as a dress which makes you feel sexy, confident and comfortable, channel Mary Quant and early-days Twiggy and choose a fitted boddice with a flared skirt that ends just below the knee.

3.   Your Table Decor

When it comes to decorating and theming your wedding reception venue, as well as the tables for your official wedding meal after the ceremony, the more 1960’s retro-inspired memorabilia, the better.

Even old music magazines from the time displayed on each table is a simple and affordable way of bringing the ‘60s theme to each of your guests, with an ornamental china display as a centerpiece. In addition, you could also consider a retro sweets cart in the corner of the room, for both kids and adults alike.

4.   Your Evening Entertainment

There is frankly only one way to go when you are planning your entertainment for your wedding evening reception; a 1960’s themed rock and roll band!

When searching for entertaining and professional wedding bands in London, be sure to specify exactly the style and tone of music you want to hear and even try and see if a singer or two will dress up as one of your favorite 1960’s music stars.

5.   Your Color Scheme

As for your bridesmaids and maid of honor, as well as the groom and his best men and ushers, you should endeavor to pull together the main colors from all of the elements discussed above, to create an aesthetically cohesive color scheme.

Think bright oranges and bright pinks for little details like the handkerchief for the top pocket of the groom and the ties of the groomsmen and tie these colors into the flower bouquets of the bride and bridesmaids too.


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