How To Plan for Rainy Weather Wedding Photography

Many couples worry they may not get the chance to take good wedding photos if it rains. With good planning, rainy weather should not stop you from maximizing your time with your wedding photographers. Here are tips for planning for wedding photography in the rain:

Find a Covered Outdoor Area

It can be uncomfortable to smile for pictures while trying to keep rainwater out of your face. This does not mean you have to move indoors. When searching for an outdoor wedding venue, look for one with covered areas you can shoot in if it rains. Some covered outdoor areas that are ideal for rainy weather photography include:

  • Porches
  • Gazebos
  • Underpasses
  • Large leafy trees

Some venues also offer outdoor tents that you can use if it rains.

Have a Flexible Schedule

Even if it rains, the wet weather may not last all day. Have a schedule that allows you to move things around to accommodate your photography session. If you have good weather in the morning, take as many photos as possible.

If it’s pouring during your planned photography session, sneak away for 15-30 minutes during your reception for the photo session. Evening wedding photographs with the backdrop of the setting sun are romantic and make for a great wedding portrait. So if it rains too much during the day, schedule some time in the evening for pictures.

Prepare Rain Gear for the Wedding Party

Since some of your wedding photos may include the wedding party, get umbrellas for the whole group. Get black, white, or clear umbrellas since colored ones may cast unnatural light onto your face. Because you and your partner may want photos with only the two of you, get a large umbrella that covers two people for those cozy photos.

Walking on wet grass or muddy ground in heels or open-toe shoes can be uncomfortable. Wear weather-appropriate shoes and make sure the ladies’ dresses don’t drag in the mud. The couple and the wedding party can also wear matching rain boots for the photoshoot. If the rain does not let up, take as many pictures as possible outside, then change into dry clothes afterward.

Have Alternate Photo Locations

If the weather report predicts heavy rain on your wedding day, select alternate locations that may allow you to have your pictures taken if it rains. You can book a studio near your venue to have your photography session.

Your wedding photographer probably knows more photo locations in your area than you do. Meet with your photographer a few days before your wedding to scout different locations situated near your venue.

If you’re getting married in a city, you can find buildings with awnings or beautiful archways where you can stand and take photos. There are fewer people in the streets when it rains. You can take advantage of this and have street photos.

Talk to Your Wedding Photographers Ahead of Time

Wedding photographers can make the most out of any situation when prepared. If the weather forecast predicts rain on the week of your wedding, it might rain on your wedding day. Reach out to your photographer and discuss rainy weather photography ideas.

Discussing the weather beforehand helps the photographer prepare any protective gear they might need for the wedding. Rainy weather usually means less natural light. If your photographer expects rainy weather, they may bring lighting equipment, so you have clear photos.

Many wedding photographers have clear umbrellas they use for rainy weather photography. If informed beforehand, your photographer may bring the umbrella, saving you the cost of buying or renting aesthetic umbrellas. Your photographer may also bring an assistant to help hold the umbrellas over you and your partner, allowing you to take better photos.

Prepare Mentally

Dealing with rain during a wedding can be stressful. You don’t want to look stressed in your wedding pictures. Gear yourself up for the chaos that may come with rain and embrace it to avoid stress. Research online for rainy weather wedding photography ideas for inspiration on your wedding day.

You may have a lot more fun when you approach the idea of a rainy wedding day with a positive mentality. A happy couple is the only thing needed for beautiful wedding pictures. Instead of fixating on the weather, keep warm and focus on having fun with your partner.

Plan for Rainy Weather Wedding Photography

You cannot control the weather on your wedding day, but you can manage your reaction to it. As long as you have experienced wedding photographers and a good plan, rainy weather will not affect the quality of your wedding photos. Put on a smile and let your photographers capture your special day.


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