How to Play Tien Len in the South, Hundreds of Victories, Hundreds of Wins

How to play Southern card game Surely it is no longer strange to many members. The game is loved and has become a national game because it possesses extremely simple and highly entertaining principles. All information shared below will definitely help you better understand this super product.

Overview of the Southern Tien Len game at NEW88

To better understand How to play Southern card game then we also need to know what this game is. Compared to the rules of the Northern region, this masterpiece possesses much simpler and more liberal gameplay. However, the common feature will still be to use 52 cards in the poker set and allow 2 to 4 players to experience together.

Each participating member will be given a total of 13 cards according to random algorithms. Here, you will have time to arrange the cards and build for yourself the most suitable principles. Besides, don’t forget to use special combinations in all different situations.

Share the most detailed way to play Tien Len card game in the South in 2024

Even though the game rules are simple, members should also clearly understand the rules of this super product line. Especially for new recruits, the knowledge shared below cannot be ignored.

How does a match to advance to the South take place?

Based on How to play Southern card game  then we will be able to divide a game into 3 separate processes. Specifically, including the stage of dividing, playing cards and finding the final winner. Members who own the three of spades will be allowed to play first in the first game by the system. The rules of the game will be determined from left to right, opposite to the clockwise direction.

Here, your task is to use combinations of greater value to block your opponent. Besides, if you win the previous game, you will be able to steal the right to play cards. For situations where you cannot block, it means you will cede power to the people behind you. You will continue to participate in the game in the next plays.

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Understand the terms in Tien Len Southern

After memorizing it How to play Southern card game  Members also need to understand some specialized terms below on the NEW88 homepage.

  • Junk: A collection of odd cards that players cannot use to combine with other cards.
  • Pair: If you own two cards with the same numerical value in a game, it will form a pair.
  • Sam Co: Includes three cards of the same number, different suit values.
  • Straight: You can create this combination with at least 3 cards with consecutive numerical values. This is also considered one of the combinations that can bring victory to members if you know how to take advantage of it properly.
  • Four of a Kind: The player holding four cards of the same number in his hand will form a four of a kind combination and is allowed to cut one or two of his opponent’s pig cards.
  • Three or four pairs: If you can build a combination of 3 or 4 pairs of consecutive values, it will create this term.

How to play Tien Len in the South to win and win

We can see that this masterpiece has simple rules and is suitable for everyone. However, if you know how to combine with the strategies below, you will definitely easily increase your chances of receiving huge bonuses.

Method for memorizing cards in a game

Because of its nature How to play Southern card game  will happen at a very rapid pace. So if you possess top memory ability, you will definitely be proactive in improving your chances of winning.

However, you need to have some time to practice this method effectively. Therefore, members should access the system to experience the lowest bets. In the beginning, players should practice memorizing valuable cards such as J, Q, K, A, 2.

 How to play Southern card game  – Keep a stable mentality

Psychology will always be one of the factors that directly determines a member’s ability to win or lose. Therefore, no matter what happens, you should keep a calm attitude and a cool head to make the wisest decisions. In case you have too many losing streaks, you should stop and rest to figure out more effective playing strategies for yourself.


Above is all the information about How to play Southern card game  that you can experience for yourself at New888. Besides, always stay with the system to be able to get good playing tips and strategies like this.


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