How to prepare for IBPS Exam along with a full-time job?

Bank jobs give security to the people. Candidates who are doing a full-time job and planning to prepare for the IBPS exam can read this article. Many working professionals prepare for the IBPS exam every year to fulfil their dreams. People who want to clear the exam have to make a balance between their work and preparation. Many candidates find it difficult to spare enough time for preparation. The tips given here in this article can help them to prepare for the exam. 

How to start?

Candidates who want to prepare for the IBPS exam have to go through the syllabus and exam pattern.  It will help them to understand the exam pattern and nature of the exam.  Candidates can visit the official website to check the exam pattern and syllabus. Working professionals can spend 4 to 5 hours achieving success in bank exams. 

Analyze the exam pattern

Candidates should analyze the exam pattern before starting preparation for the bank exam. They should know the different sections. The different sections are:

  • Numerical Ability/Quantitative Aptitude
  • General English
  • Reasoning ability
  • Computer knowledge
  • General awareness

In the IBPS exam, the questions asked in the Quantitative aptitude, general English, and computer knowledge are not difficult, they are from the class 10th syllabus. 

Candidates can easily manage the reasoning ability and general awareness part. Therefore, candidates who can spend 4-5 hours can easily crack the exam even while working. 

Preparation tips

Preparation tips are given here for the working professional to achieve success in the bank exam:

  • Candidates should first know all about the syllabus of the exam. They should have proper knowledge of the topics included in different sections. They can take a printout of the detailed syllabus and keep it handy to refer to when needed. 
  • Candidates should know their weak and strong areas. This will help them to spend more time on the weak areas and less time on the strong parts.
  • Working professionals should make a timetable. Though they may not follow the timetable properly as they may get late in the office someday but still they should make a timetable and try to follow it as much as possible. If a candidate fails to study on any day, he/she should compensate it on weekends. 
  • Reading an English newspaper is very useful for candidates preparing for IBPS because it helps in solving questions in the English language section and general awareness section. Candidates can spend 10-15 minutes in the morning reading a newspaper every day. It will improve their general knowledge and will improve their vocabulary. 
  • Candidates should know the rules of grammar for solving general English questions. They should also learn the rules, theories, and formulas for solving the questions from the numerical ability and reasoning section. They can spend one hour on every section daily to understand the basic concepts. Candidates should have a basic knowledge of hardware and software for solving questions in the computer section. 
  • When candidates finish understanding the rules and theories of a particular topic, they should practice as many questions as they can to understand the application of rules and formulas. Numerical ability questions are based on math formulas. Therefore, candidates can revise the formulas from the class 10 math book. Similarly, they can revise all grammar concepts from an English grammar book of class 10 level for securing good marks in both sections. 
  • Working professionals may not get much time on weekdays. Therefore, they can spend more time on weekends to compensate. They can cover more topics on weekends to finish their syllabus quickly. 
  • Candidates can practice by doing previous years’ papers. They can also come to know the exam pattern by doing previous years’ papers. This will also increase their accuracy and can help them to manage their time. Candidates can also give ibps po mock test every week to understand the pattern. The mocks tests will have the same difficulty level as the original paper. Candidates can also know their weak and strong points by giving regular mock tests. They can analyze their preparation and can work on their weak areas to improve their score. 
  • All sections are important for achieving success in the bank exam. The weightage of marks is equal for each section. They should focus on every section depending on the prescribed syllabus. Candidates can find the syllabus on the official website. They can start preparing according to the syllabus. 
  • Candidates should avoid doing guesswork in the exam. There is a negative marking for an incorrect answer. Therefore, candidates should avoid answering those questions for which they are not confident. Wrong answers will lead to negative markings and can reduce their overall score. 
  • Candidates should equally divide the time for each section. They should not spend more time on a particular section. If they do not know the answers to a particular section, they can leave the questions and can move to the next section. They should start with the easy questions and the most familiar section first. 
  • Candidates should learn the shortcut tips for solving the IBPS exam. Short tricks will help them to do a large number of questions quickly. They can study for half an hour for each section. They should take frequent breaks in between to keep their mind open and fresh. English language and general knowledge are the most scoring sections for the IBPS exam; therefore they should have proper knowledge of both the sections to score a high rank. 
  • Working professionals do not have time to go for coaching but they can join online coaching for exam preparation. Many institutes offer online coaching for working professionals. Candidates can also join offline coaching on weekends. Studying under the guidance of a mentor can help them to prepare well for the exam.

Thus, quitting the present job is not an ideal solution. Candidates who want to prepare for the IBPS exam can study and prepare for the exam along with a full-time job. They can use the above-given strategies to prepare for the exam and achieve their goals.

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