How to Prepare for The Prestigious IAS Job?

IAS is one of the most sought-after government jobs for people in our country. They spend months and years and give various trials to get through the UPSC entrance exam. The IAS post is for knowledgeable, skilful, and dedicated individuals who can serve the nation with pride.

Therefore, the criteria for achieving the IAS designation are challenging. UPSC exams are tough, and there is huge competition. Though lakhs of aspirants prepare and appear for the exam, only a few can get through it. 

Beginners often wonder what it takes to clear the UPSC exam. The answer is thorough preparation and dedication. There are various sources which can make the preparation smooth. With digitization and e-courses, one can prepare online. The aspirant can choose UPSC best online course to improve their preparation. 

With UPSC online learning, one can conveniently prepare and appear for mock exams without stepping out of the home. It saves a significant amount of time as well as money. 

Let’s have a look at how to prepare for the IAS:

  • Early advantage 

The eligibility criteria for the UPSC exam are 21 years with graduation in any subject. Final-year students can also apply for the IAS Prelims. Many aspirants come to the field quite late. It is reflected in the fact that the average age of the aspirants making it into the final UPSC rank list is 28 years. Starting early offers several benefits. Even if you need to attempt the exam more than once, you will still be young enough and dynamic to serve the IAS post.

  • Prioritize time

There is a vast UPSC exam syllabus for prelims which needs to be covered for UPSC preparation. Especially a candidate preparing for IAS, along with a job or college, has limited time left. It is essential to prioritize when you have time constraints. 

The aspirant must do the most important aspects of preparation first. Go through the syllabus and previous year’s UPSC exam question papers to prioritize time between areas that are your strength and where you lag. 

  • Recommended books

The aspirants should invest only in books that are credible and authentic. After deciding to make a career as IAS, you need to invest in the right books. While many UPSC notes online are available, here’s a list of some books that are a must-buy for aspirants. 

  1. NCERT books are available on Amazon. They can be downloaded as well.
  2. History by Bipin Chandra
  3. Economics by Ramesh Singh
  4. Polity by Laxminath
  • Use your spare time well

Even during spare time, make it a point to read newspapers and magazines. Various news apps keep you updated with the latest happenings and current affairs. So, even during your spare time, you will gain something that will improve your UPSC performance. 

  • Writing practice

For UPSC mains, the aspirant needs to develop a great writing speed. Just like students used to practice writing in speed for the board and college examinations, the aspirants need to learn it for UPSC as well. 

Early beginners will have an edge here as they only recently appeared for college exams. Working professionals need to be more in touch with pen-and-paper writing, and they must practice writing. Take part in essay competitions or write letters to the editor of famous newspapers to prepare for UPSC exam pattern

  • UPSC interview

The final stage of the UPSC preparation is the interview. It is also termed the personality test. It is a crucial stage in the preparation process. It’s not the academic knowledge that proves to be helpful here. It takes more! T

he aspirants are judged on various aspects such as communication, diplomacy, reaction to stress, presence of mind, and more. The authorities will also question candidates’ hobbies, interests, education, and work experience. The aspirant needs to brush up on all of these aspects. 

  • Magazines

There are several magazines which are important for the IAS exam. These magazines have crucial information on various subjects such as governance, economy, polity, agriculture, etc. Some of these magazines are also available online. 

  • Government resources

The aim of taking the IAS exam is to serve the Indian government. You can rely on many government sources during the preparation phase. Government websites such as PRS, PIB, and National television programs featured on Rajya Sabha TV are helpful. 

  • Revision

Revision is essential while preparing for any course. However, considering the vast syllabus of UPSC, revision at regular intervals can help in remembering whatever you have studied over a few months or years. Covering a huge syllabus of various subjects can be demanding, and aspirants might need to remember what they studied earlier. Using UPSC notes in Hindi or English can help with timely revisions. 

  • Test Series

An essential part of the UPSC preparation is evaluating if you have the required skills and knowledge to become an IAS officer. 

It helps the candidates learn from their mistakes and work on the areas where they lag. It also helps in creating an approach for further preparations. Once the aspirant realizes their strength and weakness, they can effectively work to achieve a good score. 

The mock test series is highly recommended, especially for aspirants preparing from home. The test series can further improve the writing practice and time management skills for the actual exam.

  • Positive approach

Above all, one of the most critical aspects of the IAS preparation is a positive approach. IAS is not like any other competitive exam. There’s a huge syllabus and fierce competition. Preparing for months and even years can be overwhelming. Sometimes, the candidates can feel upset and stressed. It is essential to stay positive and keep working towards the end goal.


Preparing for the job of IAS can be challenging. It is stressful, demanding, and hectic.So, maintaining a proper sleep schedule is essential to stay relaxed. However, you can simplify the process and make the preparation streamlined with the help of the above tips. UPSC online learning with effective study material and test series will make preparation convenient. 

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