How to Prevent Rodents

Rats and mice are major pests of dwellings. They eat food, chew up wires and other structures, and even carry diseases that can make people sick. Knowing how to prevent a rodent infestation is very important in keeping your house free of these pests.

Inspect for Signs of Rodents

It is worth checking for signs of pest damage around and in the home. This can help you detect the presence of a rodent pest before you have a big infestation. Keep in mind that rodents breed quickly and a female rat can have as many as 12 babies in a year.

Clean up Clutter

Make sure to keep your house clean and make sure that everything is stored properly. Do not accumulate clutter that is attractive to rodents and other pests. A cluttered home is also more difficult to clean and it is much less likely that you will even notice when a pest is present.

Clean up Spilled Food and Drink

Messes happen and foods and liquids get spilled. Food crumbs and liquid spilled on the floor or on countertops needs to be cleaned up right away. Food remnants and beverages attract rodents and all sorts of other pests as well.

Seal Cracks and Openings

Mice and rats usually get into a house through openings and cracks near plumbing fixtures or near the foundation or ceiling of the house. Inspect around the house, both inside and outside, to make sure there is no opening that a mouse or rat can get through.

A mouse can enter through a very small space so you need to check that there are no small cracks between the foundation and the house and between the roof and the rest of the house. Rodents can enter homes through gaps or holes between the ceiling of the roof and a room.

Keep Vegetation Away From the Edge of the House

Rodents hide in bushes near buildings. Keeping these plants under control, and even removing them takes away hiding place for mice and rats. If you do want plants next to the building you should keep them neatly cut and tidy up around them to make sure animals cannot hide or nest right next to your house.

Keep Rubbish Away from the House

Store the rubbish in properly sealed bins away from the house. Take kitchen and other waste out often and make sure the rubbish bin is properly sealed. Rubbish attracts mice and rats because it is a good source of food for them.

Check Used Furniture Carefully

Buying a used sofa from a thrift shop may be appealing but you need to be cautious that there is no animal living in it. Finding and taking in furniture that has been left out on the street is particularly risky and you are likely to find rodents or other animals living in such furniture.

Remember keeping your living area clean, organized and in good condition can help prevent rodents from getting inside.


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