How to protect Your Employees from getting sick at the Office

Health has never been so important in our global consciousness than now. After having lived a difficult period of history, fighting the coronavirus on a global scale, everyone needs to feels safe, wherever they go, and that includes the office. It is especially true for those who now have to head back, after working from home for a while. Here is how you can keep employees safe at the office.

Provide Them with Purified Air

It has been proven through testing that an air purifier for offices protects employees against contaminants, pollutants and allergens, all the while removing bad odours. It treats the air until there is no pollution or contaminating element left. That includes viruses and bacteria, which would get employees sick, as it floats around the office. Air purifier technology has reached the highest standards which can guarantee that no harm will come to anyone, through the air they breathe, while at work.

Hire a Rigorous Cleaning Company

Before, finding a cleaning lady for a company was similar to looking for a babysitter for your kid; not anymore. Now, the people that come and clean the workplace have to be specialists, with certain protocols established to guarantee that once they are done cleaning, the work environment will be safe for all. Of course, this implies that they visit regularly, to do their job, otherwise, it is simply impossible to keep a clean enough environment to provide complete safety. when it comes about the hygiene factor at workplace, we should always look for one of the top office cleaning services in Volusia county.

Have Strict Hygiene Rules

Because it is not easy to have all your employees follow strict hygiene rules, you have to make sure they have the necessary tools, to at least be able to do so. That means, you should have hand sanitizers in every room where people work. Provide sufficient cleaning products for anyone to wash their computer, phone and personal items, whenever they feel it should be done, so that they are encouraged to do so, often. Install signs in the bathrooms stating clearly that everyone must wash their hands before getting back to their desks. Mostly, don’t hesitate to remind anyone, who are not following the rules, that they are not optional.

Encourage Your Employees to go Outside

Instead of having a break room inside the office, create an outside meeting point, where everyone can gather during their break. Try to get people not to take them all at the same time, so everyone can have enough space, not to breathe on one another. Encourage them to eat outside by buying a couple of picnic tables as well.


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