How To Proudly Represent The Scandinavian Culture ?

Culture differs across the globe. Many countries have rich cultures that draw tourists to the destinations. However, some physical manifestations show the ideology of culture. You can identify with things that have meaning in Scandinavian culture to represent it.

Scandinavian culture is famous for its Viking heritage. Sweden, Denmark, and Norway have similar beliefs, customs, and values. However, they speak different but related languages (Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian). Also, Norwegian and Danish writings have similarities. Here are elements of Scandinavian culture you may like to experience.


Modernization led to the change of fashion in many cultures. Traditional clothing, accessories, and jewelry are preserved for some professions, festivals, and other events in some locations. The Scandinavian traditional clothing is handmade. The blouse, skirt, breeches, waistcoats, coats, and jackets of men and women are made from homespun wool and linen or leather.

However, cotton was later used for the production of materials. If you want to represent Scandinavian culture without wearing traditional attire, the Viking store has alternatives. You can opt for any of its Viking clothing. Besides, pieces of jewelry promoting the Scandinavian culture history are available in the viking store


Some of the Scandinavian cuisines date back to the Viking age. Also, the Vikings used the preferred cooking methods of these dishes to survive the cold seasons. These methods include salting, smoking, pickling, and drying. Some common Scandinavian ingredients are:

  • Fresh and saltwater seafood
  • Dairy products: Fermented milk, creams, and cheese are this group’s most used food items.
  • Bread: Rye bread are common, but people also consume other varieties.
  • Meat: A wide variety of wild and domesticated animals serve as meat. People eat wild birds, bears, horses, deer, cattle, pigs, poultry birds, and other animals.
  • Root vegetables and fruits: These foods are primarily pickled and preserved.

You can represent the Scandinavian culture by eating traditional Scandinavian dishes. Here are Scandinavian foods you may try.

  • Swedish sandwich cake (Smorgastarta)
  • Meatballs (Kottbullar)
  • Pea soup and pancakes (Artsoppa and Pannkaka)
  • Shrimp sandwich (Rakmacka)
  • Ring cake (Kransekage)
  • Smoked salmon


The Viking’s symbols are also physical manifestations of the Scandinavian culture. You can use items fashioned in the symbols to decorate your home and other spaces. Pieces of jewelry that bear the exact resemblance to the Viking symbols are available in the Viking store. The following are some of the signs:

  • The Helm of Awe: It is a symbol for protection.
  • Mjolnir (Thor’s Hammer)
  • Valknut: It represents death in a battle.
  • Huginn and Muninn (Norse Mythology’s Twin Ravens)
  • Web of Wyrd: This symbol is the Viking Matrix of Fate.
  • Odin’s Triple Horn
  • Gungnir (Odin’s spear)
  • Vegvisir (Runic Compass)
  • Dragons; The sign represents greatness
  • Sleipnir (Travelers’ luck)


Different cultures have crafts that are unique to them. Handcraft is common in Scandinavian culture. You can represent the Scandinavian culture by using the arts that portray it. Examples are embroidery, knitting, weaving, lacemaking, root work, wrought iron, and woodwork.

The designs of the products distinguish them from similar crafts from other cultures. Viking Store offers home décor items with a touch of the Scandinavian culture. You can use them to represent the Viking heritage and, at the same time, improve the look of your space. These items also promote the rich history of the Vikings.

The Scandinavian culture draws tourists to Scandinavian countries. These visitors want to experience the rich cultural heritage: archeological sites, ruins, and museums. The Vikings’ customized clothing, jewelry, accessories, and home décor items on Viking store speak volumes about the ancient culture. You can represent the Viking and Iron Age cultures by using these products.


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