How to Record a PowerPoint Presentation with Wondershare DemoCreator

PowerPoint presentations are ordinary in this extra-ordinary era and meanwhile, you’re struggling for making yours a perfect one, DemoCreatoris the easiest way for you. Because this toolkit can easily turnyour PowerPoint slide into high-quality videos. You can use DemoCreatorfor your PowerPoint screen recording. Aside from being an intuitive toolkit for making your slides visually appealing and interactive, the video output of DemoCreatorcan help to preserves your PowerPoint presentations. Plus, it’s the perfect solution for you whether you’re a teacher, a student, or an employee of a notable organization.

Here in this guide, we’ll enlighten the steps to record your webcam and narration giving a standard PowerPoint slideshow with a more personal and authentic feel.So simply that we’ve filteredsome easy steps of DemoCreator you can utilize without any editing skillset. What’s more! You can also find the editing steps you can use without any prior experience to polish your recordings. So, to learn more about how you can perform these steps, head to the following guide and stick with us to find out more. 

Steps to Make PowerPoint Presentation Recording

DemoCreatoris a screen recording software available for desktop devices. It’s capable of recording anything on your computer screen, webcam, or both simultaneously for picture-in-picture. Thepicture-in-picture effect gives the viewer the ability to connect with you as you showcase your presentation. Follow the lead below to do that on your own: 

Step1: Launch DemoCreator & Setup Recorder

Head to the official website to download and smoothly install DemoCreator. After the finishing of installation, launch the application and head to the screen recorder.

Here, you’re able to save screen recordings and manage them. It makes sharing, editing, and revising those videos easy and accessible from anywhere.

Step2: Customize Your PowerPoint Presentation Screen


When you launch the screen recorder, a dotted black box will appear on your computer screen. The box dimensions can be changed to fit around your PowerPoint slides if you choose the recording area to select a target size later.

Step3: Record Your PowerPoint Presentation

Showing the actual presentation with your face and voice connects the viewer to your topic, grabbing their attention and improving comprehension of your key points. Out of the many, the audio setting tab allows you to include your voice in the recording. You can also opt for the system sound as well as muting the other interruptions from these buttons: 

Once everything is decided, simply click the ‘Rec’ button which is in a red circle to begin recording your PowerPoint screen. A countdown of only 3 seconds will flash across the screen and after that, it’ll start capturing the screen eventually. 

Add effects using the Video Editor

As soon as you’re done with recording your PowerPoint presentation, now is the time to do the editing part to polish your recordings. To do that, refer to the following editing steps right after finishing of recording: 

Multi-Track editing:

When you finish recording, it will enter the video editing interface. Drag the media to the track. You will find your webcam recording; screen recording and audio recording are on a different track. It’s very useful for you to edit them because you don’t have to pitch them from one track.

Edit Your Screen Recordings:

Here’s the list of detailed features you can opt for while editing your presentation recordings:

  • Basic Editing: You can easily Cut, and then eventually remove the part you don’t need, and spilled the video right within the timeline.
  • PIP effects:For the Picture-in-Picture effect, you can drag the webcam recording to the proper size and then add it over the presentation.
  • Pan and Zoom:With this special feature, you can pan and zoom on particular points in a PowerPoint slide.This effect gives you the ability to showcase movement in their PowerPoint video and highlight certain points of your presentation. To perform this effect, head to the Pan and Zoom effect inside the Effects menu and drag it on the video where you want to include it inside.
  • Import: You can insert previous recordings or add a video file to your recordings. Just hit the Import button to add it to the editor and enhance your PowerPoint presentations with the clips you just added.
  • Transitions:Transition effects are what make your presentations effective. In DemoCreator, there is a pile of transition effects available inside the Transitions menu from where you can pick your favorite one and drag it to the Timeline to bring transitions to the joined clips of your PowerPoint presentations.
  • Voiceover: If you forgot something to say or want to redo your voice over a section of your recording, you can click on ‘Microphone’ icon to re-record your audio narrations. Furthermore, you can also edit the audio files with the audio editor DemoCreator has embedded inside the editor interface.

Export and Share your PowerPoint Video

Showing the actual presentation with your face and voice connects the viewer to your topic, grabbing their attention and improving comprehension of your key points. That’s what DemoCreator is for! You can without any interruption, hit a direct export as well as a share to your YouTube audience from this software. Just hit the Export button and customize your output file to save it in your desired format. 

Meanwhile for the sharing part, as we know that recordings are versatile enough to be shared just about anywhere. Therefore, DemoCreatorallows you to share your recordings from this YouTube sharing button where it can be published directly to YouTubeafter signing in. 


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