How to Recover Deleted Files Not in Recycle Bin

Problem finding deleted files not in the trash? Don’t worry. We have you covered. In the following section you’ll find powerful solutions to recover files that aren’t in recyclable tanks easily.

What May Cause Deleted File Are Not in Recycle Bin Issue?

So what’s the possible reason behind this problem? Good recycling tanks serve as a security network for your deleted files. Allows you to recover them in case deletion fails. However, there are several factors that may cause files to disappear from the trash:

  1. Use the Shift + Delete shortcut to delete
  2. Command File Deletion
  3. Remove files from external drives such as flash drivers
  4. Set the settings to prevent files from entering the trash.
  5. Cleaning the recycling tank.
  6. Recyclable tanks that reach capacity or are damaged.
  7. Files that exceed the size limit of the trash.

When files are lost from recycling tanks, they are usually considered unrecoverable. However, we have some effective recovery methods that can help you. Start with our top guidelines.

Recover undeleted files in the trash with WinfrGUI

WinfrGUI is an advanced data recovery software for PCs that specializes in retrieving files that are not found in the trash. It is characterized by its user-friendly interface and useful features that keep the recovery process windy. This is why you should choose Winfr GUI:

Introduction: WinfrGUI is a powerful and free data recovery software that can help you retrieve valuable information lost due to system failure or accidental deletion.

Step-by-step instructions for using WinfrGUI:

  • Select file location: Start WinfrGUI and select the drive or location where the deleted file is stored. Winfr GUI will scan the specified disk thoroughly to find the delete file.
  • Scanning for recoverable files: After scanning, WinfrGUI displays a list of recovered files.
  • Choose file to recover: Select the file you want to restore and let WinfrGUI do the magic of it.

Other Methods to Recover Deleted File Not in Recycle Bin Without Software

In addition to WinfrGUI, there are other methods that you can try to recover deleted files not in recycle bin. Here are the integrated Windows features:

Recover from previous versions

Windows has a tool called “Previous Version”, which allows you to recover data from previous backups. Just right click on the file or folder, select “Recover Previous Version” and select the desired version.

Receive files from Windows Backup

If you create backups consistently using Windows backup, you can easily load deleted files from your security storage. Connect the backup drive to your computer. Go to your Windows security settings and follow the instructions on the screen to retrieve the files.

System Recovery Point Check 

Most of the time, the restore point will be set immediately when Windows is installed. With these recovery points, you can return your system to the way it was before or get back files that you accidentally deleted. You must first type “System Recovery” into the Windows search box to start the system recovery process. Then, follow the steps to get your system back.

Use file history backup

This feature is called “file history” in Windows. This function changes important file information instantly and sets it up in a way that can be used on a network or an external device. If you go to the backup and choose “Restore previous versions” when you look at the file history, you can find lost files.

By following these methods, you can recover deleted files that are not in the repository and avoid the disappointment of data loss.

Preventing the Loss of Data in the Future

To prevent data loss in the future. Here are some useful tips:

  • Always double-check before deleting files to avoid accidental deletion.
  • Enable the deletion confirmation box in the repository property.
  • Make sure that the recyclable tank is visible on your desktop.
  • Configure the recycling tank settings to determine how long files will last before they are removed.

With WinfrGUI and the built-in Windows tool, recovering deleted files out of recyclable crates has never been easier. Try it today and recover your valuable data easily.


The Recycle Bin issue may be resolved with WinfrGUI and Windows tools. The simple interface and powerful capabilities of WinfrGUI make it straightforward to recover lost data. Windows’ “Previous Versions” and “System Recovery Points” make it simple to restore lost files. Setting up approval messages and a recycling bin can help you avoid losing data in the future. With these tools and advice, users may safely restore files and reduce their risk of data loss.


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