How to Respect the Wilderness on a Camping Vacation

It’s likely that you’ll be going camping because you adore nature and wild places. This means that you’ll want to look after it as much as possible and avoid leaving your mark on it. However, it can be difficult when you’re caught up in having fun to remember the steps that you need to take to respect the wilderness. Then, here are some of the ways that you can do just that.

·  Stay in a Campsite

Although you can camp almost anywhere in the United States, some locations are off-limits to campers. Staying at a campsite is often your best option. It might also be a good choice as these spaces are secure and cleaned regularly, meaning that they have little impact on the environment, and minimize disruption to animals who might be living in the same area.

Instead of setting up camp wherever you want, you should instead look for a campsite that can help you to enjoy the natural world in a controlled way. This will also mean that you can relax in the knowledge that you’re not breaking any rules by camping there.

Then, you should look around for Lake George campsites and campsites in other places that might suit you.

·  Avoid Littering

When you’re camping, it’s also important that you avoid littering as much as possible. Littering is dangerous to wildlife as they might get caught up in your trash or end up choking on it. Not only this, but litter can pollute different environments and can ruin the natural beauty of different places.

This means that you should always check around your campsite before you leave, throw your trash away, and take it with you if you can’t. When you leave your pitch, there should be no evidence that you were ever there.

·  Care for Wildlife

You should also care for the wildlife in the area that you visit. For instance, you should keep your distance and try not to disturb any animals that are living alongside you, especially if they have offspring with them.

You should also read up about how to scare away large mammals, such as bears, without harming them, and make sure that you carry bear spray. You should also avoid feeding bears and other animals as this can encourage them to come closer to humans more often. It’s also important that you hide food from bears and that you do the windows up in your car before you leave it.

·  Avoid Taking Anything With You

You should also avoid taking anything with you, especially in protected environments. This is especially the case along coastlines, which might already be facing problems due to global warming and other factors.

For instance, you should always try to leave pebbles and stones on the beach you find them on, as this could contribute to erosion and could disrupt natural processes. This will mean that the nature that you love will be there for more people to enjoy in the future.


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