How To Setup Your Seller Account On The AWS Marketplace     


Are you planning to make your seller account in the AWS Marketplace? If yes, then you have to follow certain norms to get things done in the correct order. You cannot make mistakes here as it can result in the cancellation of your candidature.

The more vigilant you are in your approach, the better you can build your seller account in the AWS platforms. You have to plan things accordingly and follow the steps properly to meet your needs as per the current situation. Try to be as precise and accurate in your process of registration.

Different Ways To Set Up Your Seller Account In AWS Platforms

You need to follow multiple ways to set up your seller account in the AWS platforms. Let’s explore the facts to get a better understanding of it. It will help you to get things done correctly.

1. Create Your Public Profile

The first step of creating your seller’s account in the AWS marketplace is to make your public profile. Here, you need to create your public profile to describe your company name, logo, and the services of the products you want to sell to your buyers.

How to sell on aws marketplace? To know the answer you have to give the brief details of your company and not ignore these steps. Once your public profile is completed, then you can move forward to the next stage of your registration process. You have to maintain the accuracy in this case of the process of your registration.

2.  Provide Your Tax Information 

You have to provide the tax and VAT information correctly in the AWS platform to create the seller’s account successfully on this platform. You also need to provide your withholding tax and other tax information on this platform. You cannot make an error in this regard.

You have to place your tax information accurately to meet your requirements in the right direction. Plan things properly as per your requirement and execute them in the correct order to reduce the chances of error.

3. Provide Your Banking Information

You have to provide your bank account details in the AWS platform so that money can be transferred to your account without any delay. Ensure that you have followed the norms of the platform appropriately.

Try to reduce the scope of your mistake while you are providing your bank account details in the AWS platforms. In the age of cloud computing, you cannot traditionally make your sales. You have to update your system to get the things done in the correct order.

4. Enroll In US Tax Calculation Service

You can enroll in this service as per your choice. It can help you to get the correct information at the right time about the taxes that are deducted from your sales figure. Ensure that you have not missed out on this step while you develop your business.

Accurate tax registration can help you record all your business’s tax details that you are getting from this platform. Ensure that you have provided the correct data of your sales figure in the tax calculation service of the US.

Why To Sell On AWS MarketPlace?

You must sell on the AWS marketplace as it will offer a more significant opportunity to develop your business. If you are creating your business in the initial stages, it can help you boost your brand image to the next level. You can get in touch with global clients to facilitate your sales process. The conversion rate of your product sales in the initial stages will improve a lot.


Hence, if you want to develop your business in the long run, you have to take the help of these platforms. You need to follow the steps mentioned above, one after the other, to get the seller registration process in proper order. Try not to avoid any stage, as a simple error can result in the cancellation of your registration.


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