How To Style Onitsuka Tiger Shoes With Casual Outfits: A Guide

Onitsuka Tiger is one of the most celebrated shoe brands to exist in history. The iconic shoe company has given a hand in revolutionizing the shoe-making industry through its inventive and experimental approach. Like most legendary brands, the exclusivity of Onitsuka Tiger shoes projects all the way through the Tricolor Tiger Stripes – its signature design element. This design has become a descriptor of everything statement-making and trend-setting that Onitsuka has to offer.

Fashion has reached the pinnacle of its time where aficionados can unravel a hundred ways to style shoes. Sports shoes are not pulled back by the confines of the gym and sneakers are a voguish person’s best company to keep, wherever they go. Such is the characteristic of Onitsuka Tiger shoes which makes them cool-headed and ready to own the world. And one can’t help but skim through the best ways to bring out the best of their looks.

5 best ways to style Onitsuka Tiger Shoes

Onitsuka Tiger shoes are synonymous with comfort, practicality, and lightness. Their cool composure and statement vogue has made them sought after among laymen, the sports fraternity, celebrities, and everyone. After the Japanese brand ascended the popularity of this lineup in 2002, there was truly no shackle that could hold it back ever after that. Now, the label counts among the shoes that are worth every penny of investment.

The shoes will give you a multitudinous range of inspiration to put them on and flatter your casual wardrobe. We have brought you the 5 best ways to style them and step out as a trailblazer.

1. Beat the blues with the blue

Mobilize the statement tricolour for breathing life into your blue jeans. The signature element of Onitsuka Tiger shoes will definitely add a layer of freshness to your blue-jean days. The beautiful aspect of this look is its ability to sync with the ever-so-classic style.

All you need to do is get your crisp white button-up shirt to work with the pair of skinny blue jeans and combine them with these shoes. After you complete your look, you will find the old-school and ‘forever’ kind of vibes wafting around.

Speaking of forever, it is always best to work this lookup in different variations. On days, you can also put on a solid navy or stripe shirt to compliment your take on your impending schedule. This casual style will also work for your after-hours plan.

2. Shake it up with the mix-and-match look

Nothing surpasses the feeling of freedom one gets when a pair of shoes let them play mix-it-up. Look out for an oversized grey blazer, be it solid or check, and pair them up with cargo pants. And the moment you feel that something is missing in the equation, you will know that you have to bring Onitsuka Tigers in.

You will be amazed to see how iconically a pair of Onitsuka shoes can change the way your comfortable clothing is. One of the most unusual styles, this mix will make you feel as if the shoes were meant for you and that everything is just alright.

The best part about this style is that it won’t get you to violate any trend. In fact, it will give you a sense of on-trend feeling. Moreover, you can try it during the summertime and replay in the fall – some things don’t change. To put the best spin try playing this look using the same colour palette.

3. Elevate your skirt fit for the day

There is something about skirts that keep the company of shoes. While skirts and sneakers have become a set intention for many, you can do the extra nice by painting the tricolour magic on this style.

For starters, mingle your black pencil skirt with a white or baby blue t-shirt. Pepper the Onitsuka Tiger shoes look and there you go. You can also play around with pleated skirts with abstract prints to appear more trendy.

The interesting thing about this look is that it can travel all the way from summer to your Christmas shopping errands. You only need to keep the transition factor in mind and then, nothing will ever outshine you.

4. For the love of minimalism and the minimalist

As a minimalist, you might want to keep your casual demeanour intact yet playful. That’s why we suggest you put on your Onitsuka Tricolor Tiger Stripes, head to the front of your mirror and see how magical your look turns out to be.

This look appears well-orchestrated with anything you are wearing for the day. Since you’re choosing to fine-tune your fashion with chunks of minimalism, you don’t want a pair of boring shoes to distract you from your intention.

What makes this mix even more appealing is that it blends perfectly well with the modern rage that fashion has introduced. Your resolve to live a slow and simple life will go a long way if you have Onitsuka Tigers to shake things up every once in a while. So, combine a solid white t-shirt with a pair of lightweight clay pants or blue cheeky jeans – and you’re all set to own the town.

5. Make it quick with the one and only dress

If you are someone whose closet is half full of those comfortable and irresistibly cute dresses, it is time to pamper them with Onitsuka Tricolor Tiger shoes.

If there’s one thing that makes these shoes a favorite to all, it has to be their effortless appearance that can blend appropriately with anything. And what could possibly exemplify this better than a dress that acts seamless and worry-free whenever you put it on?

Ditch your boots for one day and let the pair of Onitsuka Tigers in. Whether you are going with a polo jersey dress or button-up shirt outfit, it is going to be a plain-sailing ride to pair it up with a pair from the tricolour series.


Adaptable, functional and ultra-comfortable, Onitsuka Tiger shoes have gained momentum for a reason. Mix it up with your minimal outlook on life or put on the one-dress look, you will have an easy time working, playing or partying in them. While you try these styles, don’t forget to add a pinch of an experiment to voice your personality.


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