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How To Style Your Dining Room

If you like to entertain, your dining room might be one of the most important rooms in the house. Whether your space is large or small, it’s important to create an inviting place for your family and friends to enjoy parties and gatherings. There are many ways to spruce up your dining room by adding features that compliment your dining room chair set and table. If you’re in the market for new furniture, it’s worth considering the overall look and feel of the room before making your choice. Check out the guide below to learn more about how to style your dining room.

Get Inspired

Whether you’re thinking about renovating your dining room or starting from scratch, the first thing to do is get inspired. Create a mood board out of photos and clips from home décor magazines. Fill your board with colors, textures, and pictures that remind you of how you want your family and guests to feel when they’re enjoying the space.

If you prefer to go digital, the website Pinterest is the perfect place to keep all your inspiration in one place. There are endless photos and articles around enhancing your home’s aesthetic. Once you’ve spent enough time searching for ideas, take a look at the photos you’ve gathered and look for any overarching themes. Use these themes as your reference point when decorating your dining room.

Paint Your Dining Room

Once you’ve decided on a design theme and color palette, choose complementary paint colors to make the room pop. If you have a home with an open floor plan, you may want to keep everything cohesive and choose the same color to create a flow. If you’re having trouble selecting a color, bring some samples home from the hardware store and try them out on your walls. Choose three to five different colors and place a little bit of paint onto the wall. This allows you to compare options and choose one that fits without painting the entire wall.

Determine a Focal Point

Identifying a focal point in your dining room helps pull the entire look together. If you have a special piece of art you’d like to showcase, you can incorporate the tones and colors into the rest of the décor. Placing a unique sculpture or piece of glass in the center of the dining room table helps draw everyone’s eyes to the middle of the room. Some people install wallpaper on an accent wall in the room to create visual interest. The focal point could also be a stunning chandelier hanging from the ceiling above the table.

Pick the Right Furniture

If you’re planning on buying new furniture to refresh your dining room, choosing the right table and chair set is the most important decision. Select a complimentary design style and don’t forget to consider functionality. Many dining room furniture styles look fantastic but aren’t practical. Choose comfortable chairs and a table that can get messy without causing you stress. If you have small children and plan on using the table for arts and crafts, choose a table made of durable materials with washable upholstery. Buying all your dining room furniture from the same store ensures that everything matches. If you’d like to create a more unique look, consider shopping at an antique store.

Add Décor

Whether you have carpeting or hardwood floors, adding an area rug to your dining room adds character and warmth to the space. Choose a rug with an interesting texture to compliment your walls and furniture. Rugs with unique patterns bring visual interest in a practical way. They also make great focal points. Because you’ll be eating in the room, select a washable rug with stain-proof technology.

To bring even more texture and character to your dining room, choose flattering curtains and drapery. Go with more neutral fabrics if you want to draw more attention to your focal point. If you want to add some character to your chairs, consider placing pillows with an interesting texture or pattern. Fresh flowers brighten up any room of the house. Look for a vase that matches your décor and fill it with seasonal blooms for a simple extra touch.


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