How to Track WhatsApp Conversations with Mobile Tracker?

Whatsapp is an instant messenger used for communication nowadays. The internet has made it easier to communicate from a thousand miles away. It is indeed a great favour, in terms of connecting to your friends and family and for educational purposes. It is nothing more than a curse for those who misuse it. Kids are unprotected, as they have no idea how to deal with the internet. Online dangers and crimes are fastly growing. Cyber issues must be protected, timely. And the easiest way to preserve your children or employees is to track or monitor them fully. Experts now say that online monitoring is an achievement and dire need of the parents who are busy working and earning.

Remember that our younger generation is the jailbird of the internet, as they spend most of their time scrolling, surfing, liking, and commenting on social media platforms. Whatsapp is one of the most widely used apps; people use it to communicate through voice and video calls, through multimedia messages, sending voice notes to one another. It is a vital source of getting a quick check on what your friends and family do. Unfortunately, Whatsapp can invite cyber dangers into your kid’s life. So, the mobile phone tracker and WhatsApp spy apps enable parents to check their kids to know if they are protective.

Monitor the WhatsApp activities of your teens or workforce:

Monitoring our loved ones can save them from cyber dangers. Addictive suicidal games and some weird challenges are being operated through WhatsApp. Around 19% of teens aged between 15-25 years actively use WhatsApp. If your child or employees excessively use smartphones, it is imperative to use a best app to spy on WhatsApp conversations remotely.

When can WhatsApp Tracker be useful?

Are you worried about your kids’ mood and behaviour? Or do you want to control your employees remotely? Don’t you worry!

Mobile tracking is becoming standard day by day. A mobile phone tracker allows you to track locations, call history, read text messages, MMS shared media and so on. People started using it to track their loved ones for their protection. TheWiSpy is an excellent mobile spying software for controlling and managing the online activities of your kids, spouse, and employees.

It has many specifications, including:

  • Save conversations .
  • Monitor calls and text messages.
  • Track web-activity of the target device.
  • Provide access to all sent and received audio, video files.
  • Provide access to track media files as well.
  • Monitor contacts and their details.

Sometimes it’s not desirable to spy, but it’s necessary to keep our dear ones safe and sound.

Spy WhatsApp Conversations:

Spy WhatsApp conversations are not tricky now; you can easily track them through mobile tracking software. By using an Android spy app, you would monitor your kid’s digital activities and control your employees. Create your TheWiSpy account and start monitoring.

You’re just three steps away from monitoring your target device remotely.

Step 1

Get your TheWiSpy account. Open TheWiSpy website and go to the pricing page on the top. On the page, you’ll see three price plans; choose one of them. Then click on “Try Now” to register yourself. Fill in your account details and Sign-Up. Register yourself by picking a suitable price plan for you.

Step 2

Get hands-on with your target’s phone and install TheWiSpy App. Visit the URL in any browser. Tap on the installation icon and start downloading the spy app. Launch the application and accept all the permissions asked by the spy app. Don’t forget to Enable the stealth mode.

Step 3

To Track through the dashboard remotely:

Open the dashboard link through a browser on your phone—login to your account. You will get access to all remote features. Select required features. And Start tracking remotely by viewing digital details on your device. You can monitor all the mobile activities remotely and can transfer data through the online portal. Now, you’re all set to get complete control of your target’s mobile device.


TheWiSpy has earned so much popularity as it has exceptional spying features at affordable pricing. You can avail, TheWiSpy software in three price plans that include different parts.

First, a Basic plan includes standard spying features such as call monitoring, message monitoring, GPS tracking, etc. You can get this subscription for one, three, and six months. The Price of this package starts at  $8.33 per month.

The second is a Premium plan including advanced features such as GPS tracking, surround recording, call recording, camera spy, etc. You can also get it for one, three, and six months at different prices. The Price of this package starts at $29.99 per month.

The last is the Platinum plan that is superior to all. It includes remote and updated features offered by TheWiSpy such as social media spy, web browser history control, camera spy, etc. once again, you can avail this package for One month, Three months and Six-months. The Price of this package starts at $49.99 per month.

Benefits of TheWiSpy Android App:

Reading someone’s WhatsApp conversations without their phone is not ticklish anymore. Use TheWiSpy or spy WhatsApp to remain unidentified and get full access to the information you need.

Mobile tracking software allows you to improve your relationships, make the right decisions at the right time, and protect your loved ones by spying on WhatsApp conversations. By using TheWiSpy app, you can have a wide range of features like spy phone calls, Spy on text messages, call history tracking, GPS location tracker, Spy camera remotely and much more . In addition, working with TheWiSpy is undetectable with stealth mode. TheWiSpy’s WhatsApp tracker is an excellent tool to protect your loved ones from cyber dangers of cybercrimes.

TheWiSpy – Whatsapp Spy:

In this era, WhatsApp is the primary source of media sharing; But, perhaps, WhatsApp can invite cyber threats into your kid’s life. Teens share their photos and videos using WhatsApps messenger, unaware that such multimedia can be misused and destroy their lives. TheWiSpy WhatsApp tracker app enables parents to monitor the WhatsApp actions of their children remotely.

You can:

  1. Trace WhatsApp call logs and history.
  2. Track WhatsApp messages.
  3. Trace WhatsApp multimedia remotely.
  4. Access activity reports with timings.

Say no to worries!  Access TheWiSpy WhatsApp spying tool and track WhatsApp online activity.


  1. What are the pros and cons of TWS?


  • TheWiSpy offers exceptional features.
  • Working is undetectable with advanced stealth mode.
  • High-quality results with affordable pricing.


  • You would not get a free trial after subscription.
  • TheWiSpy is only for android devices.
  1. What sort of Customer support does TheWiSpy have?

TheWiSpy offers the best customer support services for providing ease to its users. Its customer support agents will be active 24/7 to listen to all your problems and offer solutions to them. You will have your answers within seconds.


The increasing number of teenagers using WhatsApp worries parents regarding their security and online protection. Sharing personal pictures in WhatsApp groups can lead them to serious trouble. Thanks to TheWiSpy – WhatsApp spy for providing the advanced solution to these problems. You can have a keen eye on your children and employees by monitoring WhatsApp accounts and digital activities.

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