How to Use Reverse Phone Lookup to Find Out Who Called You

How to Use Reverse Phone Lookup to Find Out Who Called You

If you have ever received a call from an unknown number and wondered who’s calling, you are not alone. Technology has made so many things easy for us; unfortunately, not everyone uses it for good or others’ convenience. No thanks to the increase in robocalls, telemarketers, and scam callers, you will often receive these calls and have these worries. The good news is that you don’t have to stay in the dark about who is calling you.

There are now reverse phone lookup services that make it possible to find out who called you. While many of them are paid, there are also free services like WhoCallMe that help you identify an unknown caller. In this article, we will look at how to use a reverse phone lookup service to discover your caller’s identity.

First and Foremost, What Are Reverse Phone Lookup Services?

A reverse phone lookup service is a search tool that lets you search for information about a phone number. You can use this search tool to discover several things about the caller, including their name and address. Using a reverse phone lookup service, you can search for a cellphone and landline number. These tools unravel the mystery shrouding the strange number that called you, providing even normally hidden information such as criminal records – if available.

With a reverse phone lookup, you don’t use someone’s name to find their number; you use their number to find their name. They come in very handy when you have a phone number you need to find out to whom it belongs. Law enforcement agencies and private investigators often use reverse phone lookups to learn more about an individual. One of the best free services is WhoCallMe, with which you can find out who called you with just their digits.

There are many reverse phone lookups, paid and free, and the type of information they release differs. However, generally, the results you get from the search will include the caller’s name, current and past addresses, email addresses, and more. WhoCallMe, for instance, even goes further to provide their background information, like their criminal or marital records.

How Do You Use Reverse Phone Lookup to Find Out Who Called You?

Using a reverse phone lookup to find out who called you is straightforward and does not require any technical know-how. You don’t have to be a hacker, programmer, or expert in computer technology to use the service. All you need is the phone number you want to search for and the particular reverse phone lookup service you want to use.

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The information obtained in the search is usually accurate and up to date, depending on the site you use. WhoCallMe, for example, lets you search US area codes via its US phone number directory. Therefore, rest assured that the information you obtain using this phone lookup service is valid. Now, let’s talk about the simple steps involved in using a reverse phone lookup to find out who called you.

Choose a Service

As we stated earlier, there are many reverse phone lookup services; research and pick one. They don’t all offer the same services or provide the same range of information. Also, while some services are free (like WhoCallMe), others may require you to pay a token to use the service.

Visit the Website

Once you’ve decided on the service you want to use, go to their official website. Most can be accessed using any browser, whether Google Chrome or Opera Mini.

On the Website, Input the Number and Search

Find your way to the search box on the phone lookup service website’s homepage. You must choose a user-friendly website – that is; you can easily find the search box on the homepage. Next, supply the number into the search box and hit the “search” icon to start the reverse search on the phone number.

Sift the Results

When you hit “search,” the site will rummage through its database for information associated with the number you’ve provided. Therefore, you may need to wait a few minutes (no more than minutes) for the results. When the results are provided, including their name, age, occupation, marital record, educational records, and more, sift through to find what you’re looking for.

Now that you have all this information, you can identify who called you; what you do with the information is up to you. You can block, report (especially if they are scammers), or investigate them further.

FAQs About Reverse Phone Lookup Services

Are reverse phone lookup services legal?

Reverse phone lookup services are legal and operate under strict rules and regulations. They are not that different from the other similar search directory we’ve had in the last ten years, only more effective.

Is the information provided by reverse phone lookup services reliable?

Standard phone lookup services are linked to an extensive database of accessible public records, including government records. WhoCallMe, for instance, uses sophisticated, constantly-updated databases to access public records related to the number you’re looking up. Hence, they can provide accurate and up-to-date information about phone numbers as much as possible.

Is it safe to use a reverse phone lookup service?

Using a reverse phone lookup to search for a phone number is generally considered safe and secure if you use the right service. They don’t ask you to provide any personal information; many don’t even need you to register as a user. Furthermore, the search is 100% anonymous, so the person you are searching for cannot know about it.


If you’ve been receiving harassing calls from unknown numbers, you should take advantage of reverse phone lookups. Even if the calls don’t constitute harassment, you want to know who your unknown caller is. With a reverse phone lookup tool, you can find out much information about who called you, including but not limited to their name. All you need is their phone number and a good phone lookup service; the mystery will be solved.






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