How to Use Your Company’s Logo

A logo is an enormous part of a company’s branding. It’s a single design that introduces your business and, over time, becomes the image people associate with your brand. Due to this, you must create a logo that encompasses everything your company stands for.

After meticulously designing (and redesigning) a logo, you might wonder how to use it. After putting so much effort and time into the design, you want to ensure you make the most of it! Rather than letting it be a forgotten image that only gets used once or twice, here are some excellent ways to use your company’s logo.

Place it On Promotional Items

Companies often use promotional products to market the business and reach new clients/customers. So, what’s the best way to spruce up your promotional products? By placing your logo onto them! Whether handing out water bottles, bags, or pens, having your logo printed on the product means your brand becomes ingrained in people’s minds every time they use it. For custom promotional items that really stand out, Anthem Branding has plenty of customization options as well as unique products your clients will love. For something a little different, fanny packs work well!

Add it to Emails

Every business owner and manager should have a professional email signature to sign off their emails. Not only does it mean you can complete an email quickly, but it also provides a consistent way to brand your business. Use your company logo at the end of your email for even better branding!

Place it on Invoices

Invoices aren’t meant to be fancy. Instead, they should be professional and clearly formatted for ease of payment. However, that doesn’t mean they have to be stripped bare. Having your company’s logo on your invoices makes them look even more professional. Plus, over time, your regular clients will associate your brand with your logo, which is the goal!

Print on Business Cards

While the world has gone digital, there is still a place for business cards – so don’t leave them to collect dust! A business card allows you to leave a fast but memorable impression on potential clients, so it makes sense to always have some in your back pocket. Of course, don’t forget to include your company’s logo printed on there.

Put it On a Sign

You want people to know your brand by your logo. Speed up that process by placing your logo on a physical sign outside your business premises. Whether you run a shop, salon, or office, this simple addition will boost your business’s branding.

Highlight it On Your Website

The most obvious place to use your logo is on your website. Most business owners will do this as soon as they are happy with their logo design. However, it’s easy to forget, which is why it’s included! Ideally, place your logo front and center of your website next to your company’s name. It will grab attention while becoming a memorable image that your customers and clients associate with your business.


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