How to Write an Essay about COVID 19 for College Assignment

Writing an academic essay is challenging, but writing on a topic that is current is a different ball game altogether. You do not have enough research material and data-backed information which will help you compose a well-crafted essay. For your convenience, we have given some points that will help you write a coronavirus essay. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Tips on How to Write an Essay on COVID

It becomes a difficult task to write on something on which nothing has been penned down previously. That is why it is a difficult task to write about a pandemic situation rather than composing an essay on politics, history, or chemistry. If you have just been assigned an essay on COVID-19 and are at your wit’s end, then take a look at the tips mentioned below that will help you write a compelling essay in no time.

Do Background Reading

Writing about a pandemic can give you relatively some stress but take a deep breath and learn how to cope up with the situation. You should start with reading more on the matter. But before you begin reading from external sources, make sure you have understood the prompt given by your professor. Read the questions carefully and understand the difference. Are you asked to present facts, evaluate or analyze the topic? Do you have to write on the topic keeping previous pandemics in mind? If you are wondering how to write an essay about COVID-19, then the first thing you should do is read the question most carefully. You will have to use the exact words used in the question in your research paper.

Remember, since there is not much information available, you will have to read about other pandemics –similar ones to make your research more impactful and data-backed. Read from academic journals, newspaper articles and know about how previously the pandemic was controlled and managed. Apart from some background reading, take a look at some of the tips mentioned below:

  • Note down points on how the previous pandemics were handled, what was the rate of its spreading, and how the then governments controlled it.
  • Present your critical analysis through facts and figures.
  • With a recent pandemic, nobody would really look into the facts from previous pandemics.
  • If you try to analyze user data from other pandemics, it will give your essay an edge over others.
  • Once your background reading is complete, you should start brainstorming ideas.

Brainstorming Ideas

In this part of the essay, you must first understand how long your essay has to be. Some professors demand a short one. For instance, if you have to write a coronavirus essay in English in 250 words, you should make your central point the main highlight of the essay. Write what coronavirus is and which policies are effective in curbing the disease. The brainstorming session would hardly take 10-15 minutes, but it will help you write quickly. You have to break down the paragraphs. If it is a 1500-word essay, you can easily break it down into several paragraphs. Students ask how to write an essay about COVID-19 in 5-6 body paragraphs. First, you should jot down points for the introductory paragraph. It will take  100-150 words to compose the introduction. Leave about 150 words for the concluding remarks. The rest of the body should have data-backed information and analysis.

Draft a Rough Outline

Start creating an outline. Use appropriate headings and subheadings. Once you have brainstormed ideas and jotted down important points that you have to cover in an essay on coronavirus, now is the time to give headings and write appropriate sentences in each paragraph. It will help streamline your thoughts and make your essay more composed and well-researched. Creating an outline helps put your thoughts onto the paper. This way you won’t forget any important points. An outline should first be made in your mind’s eye. When you have composed your thoughts, it is quite easy to pin them down. If your thoughts are disoriented, and you don’t know how to organize them in your mind, it is quite likely that they will seem haphazard on paper as well, and you might end up losing your grades. This is how important drafting an outline for your essay is.

The next step is to structure your paragraphs accordingly. You should manage the resources, articles, and news snippets, incorporating them in your essay to add an extra layer of complexity and genuineness in your essay. It is important to make your essay stand out among the rest of the essays on coronavirus submitted by your peers.

Start Writing Your Essay

When writing your coronavirus essay, you should start organizing your paragraphs. First, write a topic sentence that presents the gist of the article. It is important to have a clear purpose for your essay. Since coronavirus is a broad topic, it should be narrowed down with an appropriate angle which the topic sentence presents.

The essay should be academic, citing information from reliable sources like World Health Organization (WHO) and other authentic sources. If the information is lacking authenticity, it will not leave a good impression on your professor, and you will lose marks. Make sure to keep your essay short, crisp, and easy to understand so that your professor gives you the best grade possible. When writing body paragraphs, you should analyze the data mentioned so that your professor can gauge your ability to present a critical analysis.

Check Out for Grammatical Mistakes

When you write something, especially an essay on COVID-19, you are bound to make mistakes. Since the topic is new and not much has been written on it, chances of plagiarism are rare. However, you have to analyze facts and share your thoughts on the subject. If you pen down the facts as is, the plagiarism software that your professor uses is likely to detect it. It is important to use the facts and data in a way that doesn’t count in plagiarism. It should be written effectively.

Apart from this, there are many grammatical errors and typo mistakes that you should keep in mind. Read out your essay carefully and in front of your family and friends just to ensure there are no typo errors. Remember, if any error goes undetected, your professor might cut marks for it, which will eventually affect your grades.

We hope these points on writing an essay on coronavirus will help you ace your course in flying colours. Your teacher would be proud of you for submitting an essay on coronavirus that was written from scratch. Remember you don’t have to give your personal biased opinion or else your marks will be deducted. Happy writing!


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