How You Can Build Muscle At Home

Many of us might feel the strong need to build our muscles and have a nice and fit body. But building muscle is no easy task. You’ll need to go through various measures to build muscle properly and look fit. And you might think that you must join a gym or have a trainer in order to go through the muscle-building process.  In this busy life, it is really tough to add an extra schedule for the gym. You might not find the time in the morning to hit the gym before work, and you might be too exhausted after a hectic day to do so. But the good thing is that it isn’t really necessary to join a gym or have a trainer in order to build muscles.

There are measures that you can take easily at home all by yourself in order to build your muscles. While there are conventional ways such as having a specialized diet, exercising, there are also unconventional ways such as going through therapies such as light therapy. By going through specific measures, and maintaining a specialized lifestyle, you can build your muscles at home properly; you won’t even have to think about joining a gym. So, let’s look at the measures you can take in order to build your muscles.

Jogging/ Running

You need to incorporate some time for running or jogging into your daily routine. For beginners, it is recommended to start with walking or slow jogging. It will increase your physical stamina. For this, you’ll just need to put on comfortable clothes and shoes, get out of your home, and start walking. Even if it sounds really simple, it isn’t the case. But yes, it is simpler than most tasks. So, it is wise to start with this, and after a few days you’ll start feeling more energetic. Then you’ll be able to start running. But at first, you need to start slow and take short distances to slowly build up your leg muscles and your cardiovascular system. After both these things get stronger, then you can start to run faster and in long distances. It is a basic step for building muscles, and it is also therapeutic for both the body and mind.

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In order to build the muscles of your upper body, push-ups are one of the most basic and efficient ways. Push-ups will help you build your upper muscles such as arms, shoulders, back, and chest. You can go through push-ups from any position that seems comfortable to you, but make sure to increase the intensity and numbers with time, and with time you should put the most pressure on your arms. Push-ups will help you increase your muscles along with the biceps and triceps.


You can easily do crunches, and they’ll help you build your muscle mass around and in the waist. These are one of the proven and modest ways to build muscles without using weights. They are really effective in strengthening the abdominal muscles and the overall core muscle group. You can start with 5 to 10 crunches per day, and then increase the number with time.

Squats and Pull-Ups

Squats will help you build muscles in your thighs and make your lower back stronger. This exercise will hit your back and your legs, and it works in the core. And pull-ups are among the best types of upper body exercises. It will help you build muscles of your back, shoulder, chest, and arms.

Diet Plans

If your diet isn’t good for growing muscles, you won’t be able to build your muscles properly. You need to make a diet plan that will help you in building muscle. You need to consume more calories, as you will need to eat up from 1000 to 1500 calories per day or more based on the needs of your physique. You need to eat more and more fresh foods and need to avoid junk and sugary foods.

One of the main sources of building muscles in our body is proteins, and they also heal the torn muscles and restore cells in our body. You need to take protein in each meal, and you need to remember that you might lose muscle if you go for 15 hours without having protein. You can get protein from many sources such as meat, fish, milk, eggs, etc. You can also rely on protein shakes or supplements for this.

And in order to increase your energy and performance level during workouts, you’ll need to eat carbohydrates. These carbs will also provide you with your necessary calories. And most importantly, in order to promote your calorie intake, you need to eat enough fatty acids.

Light Therapy

Light therapy is one of the most renowned forms of therapy. It has many different benefits, so it has become really popular in recent times. Along with many other things, it can help you in building muscles too. It can generate specific reactions in your body that will help you grow muscles. It has also been clinically proven the effectiveness of red light therapy for weight loss. It can also increase your energy before working out, and help you with muscle soreness after you’re done with your workouts. So, incorporating light therapy for muscle into your workout routine can be of huge help.

Final Words

If you go through the aforementioned measures properly, you’ll be able to build your muscles without hitting the gym, and you can do all these by not messing with your regular busy schedule.

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