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 How You Can Make Your Touring Caravan More Comfortable and Homely

You may be looking at spending more time in your touring caravan in the coming months or years. As you spend more time in your home away from home, you want to be sure it is as comfortable as possible. When your living space is more comfortable and homely, you can then focus on enjoying the new temporary location you are calling home. Your touring caravan has to be personal and unique to you, so what changes can you make that will ensure this happens?

Paint the Inside of Your Caravan

Adding wallpaper to the caravan walls or even adding a new coat of paint may not be something you initially thought of. However, when you see (and feel) the benefits of a new coat of paint, you will wonder why you didn’t do this job sooner. Applying a coat of paint that protects the interior of your caravan – while still ensuring it can be easily cleaned is important. Some caravan interiors require specialist acrylic paints, so always check the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure suitability.

Get a TV and Internet Services

Even though you will be using your touring caravan to move around and explore new locations, you will still want home comforts. Being able to snuggle up and watch TV or even catch up on the latest news is a must – even if you are in the middle of nowhere. You may already be thinking about how to get Sky TV & internet in a touring caravan, and you may have already started looking at satellite dishes. Finding out just what you need to get a connection is the best starting point; then, seeking installation support may be necessary from here.

Add Soft Furnishings

Of course, you want your touring caravan’s interior space to be easy to clean, and you want it to be functional. However, without soft furnishings, does it feel as comfortable and as homely as it could? By adding more soft furnishings or just replacing existing fittings, you could make a huge difference for little cost. Adding throws and cushions to a sofa bed or adding a blind to give more privacy and warmth may be just the touches your caravan is calling out for.

Change the Lighting

Lighting and light fixtures may not be the first thing you think about in a caravan, but the lighting can affect your mood and how you feel. Bright lighting can be ok, but you may want to go for softer lightbulbs and even new light fittings. With limited headspace and head height, a lot of touring caravans have sunken lights and spotlights, but this does not mean that you cannot change these for flush or even semi-flush fixtures and fittings.

Before making any major changes, it is important to enjoy the space as it is and see what is working (and what is not). Trying to make too many changes all in one go can be both costly and stressful.


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