How Your Business Can Reduce Its Reliance on Single Use Plastics

How Your Business Can Reduce Its Reliance on Single-Use Plastics

When you are running a business, you want to ensure that you do all that you can to ensure it is sustainable. If your business is reliant on plastics (especially single-use plastics), then you need to start being proactive. Look at what you can do to improve and enhance the situation, and consider the following topics in the process:

New Sources and Providers

One of the first considerations you need to take on board is who you are using. Are the suppliers to your business eager to eradicate single-use plastics? Do they have any alternatives? A lot of providers will supply and distribute them because they are cheap. However, how is this going to impact your relationship with them in the future? If you do not feel that you are getting enough choice and selection with your existing providers, then look at alternatives. Look outside your local area and even look at countrywide suppliers.

Look at Where Single Use Plastic is Used and Required

Once you have assessed your suppliers and providers, it is then time to take a look inside your business. Do you need to use single-use plastics at all, and if so, when and why. What are they being used for? Is it for employees, or is it for customer benefit and safety? Evaluating and establishing when they are used (and with what frequency) is crucial. Monitoring usage over the coming weeks and months will help you establish where cutbacks can be made.

Industry Trends and Ideas

No matter what industry your business operates within, you will always find that trends and ideas are being launched all the time. For example, if you run a dental practice, did you realize that suppliers and providers are reducing single-use plastics in the dental industry? Getting to know more about the industry in which you operate and being open to new and innovative ideas will be important to your business operations and future.

Why Action is Needed Right Now

You may have lots of areas within your business that you wish to focus on (and develop). However, to begin with, it is important to realize why action is needed right now. If control is not taken over single-use plastics, you will find that damage can be done unnecessarily to the environment. The impact can be through the burning and disposal of single-use plastics and the production methods used. Taking positive action now is essential.

Creating an Action Plan

Now you have established you must take action, it’s time to start formulating an action plan. What is going to change both in the short term (say 12 months) and what will be different in the next five years? You need a plan to work towards, no matter how small or larger your business is. Without a plan, your efforts may be wasted or targeted incorrectly. The more aware you can become about alternatives, the easier a plan will be to draw up and implement.






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