‘HUAWEI Earphones turns the whole world into music with ‘headphones’

Try to complete the device and tell the story of “Huawei earphones” from the famous brand in the country “HUAWEI headphones” in the midst of the “wireless headphones” market, good quality over the price is fighting hard. When it comes to gadgets that never diminish in popularity, that is, headphones just change the look and use according to the era and technology. From big headphones with messy cables to the present that wireless headphones become another organ of music listeners who want mobility and are addicted to cool features.

In the market, “wireless earphones” may have been pioneered from the upper market. It is a relatively expensive product, which includes the brand’s marketing costs that make it difficult for many to grasp. Until a certain point where almost all mobile phone companies come to play in this market, causing the development of “earphones” products to grow in terms of quality and price that is more worthwhile.

One of the giant brands like HUAWEI is also worth watching as a manufacturer of “gadgets” that are linked to the strengths of brands like smartphones for products in the group “Wireless earphones” also has HUAWEI earphones, which was released not too long ago as the protagonist.

In addition to the beautiful appearance, looks like no other premium brands. From the use, it is known that this “HUAWEI headphones” also has advantages worth mentioning and interesting considerations as well.

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Watching movies, listening to music is good

The first problem of almost everyone who decides to buy “headphones” would be inevitable for listening to music, even though the price of “HUAWEI earphones” is at just over two thousand R. But expect quality sound of course, when trying to listen to music or audio from various videos. Expected, was not disappointed. Personal opinion the sound comes out in the mid-range, crisp, tight, average vocals and instruments are very well balanced, making listening to music of all genres enjoyable without the bass being unattractive is to have enough recognize the rhythm of the bass quite well. But in the high-sound region, the “wireless headphones” of this model focus on the mid-range area and lean towards the bass a bit so the sound can’t reach high the details of a high-pitched instrument are moderately drowned out. But overall, it is considered that listening to music is very good.

I got a call

It’s a “wire headset” from a mobile phone company, how can you leave your heart for receiving calls? In terms of usability, the “HUAWEI headphones” has an excellent microphone that allows the other person to hear our voices clearly. But even more is the use of technology 2 MICS + BEAMFOAMING + AI ALGOLIHM embedded in the stem of the headphones to narrow the sound pickup Noise from outside is therefore less entering the microphone. But it doesn’t mean complete silence. But this narrowing of the acoustic area affects the sound that the interlocutor hears, which is a bit muffled and looks like a mid-range sound which had to be traded in order not to infiltrate the noise

Endure, endure

Must admit that the lifestyle of people in this era that is popular “headphones” is people who go out to live, travel, travel, have fun activities to do. So they look for “earphones” that help meet their mobility needs for new experiences. But having an outdoor lifestyle for a long time can also be a hindrance for battery-hungry devices. The problem of prematurely draining the battery, HUAWEI has solved the problem by developing ” HUAWEI headphones”, and wireless headphones battery is very durable, that is, a single charge can be used continuously for up to 10 hours, which is considered very long for a small gadget like this Or if you forget to charge it or use it for a long time until the battery runs out, there is a Fast Charge mode. Just charge for 10 minutes and it can be used for up to 4 hours. For environmental resistance In the event that you have to use headphones for exercising or encountering dust in the rain it is protected by various seals. Under the IP 54 standard, it is dust and water resistant at the level of frequently encountered devices, where 5 is dustproof and 4 is waterproof in all directions can enter in all directions But in actual use, it is not recommended to be immersed in water or immersed in water.

Disappointing considerations

The elegant shine of both the charging case and the “earphones” becomes a slightly irritating double-edged sword because the shine comes with the slipperiness. It is difficult to pick up the headphones from the case at certain times especially those with fat fingers or damp hands it is easy to feel heavy. Than to pick up the headphones to use the next thing is that there is a cool feature like a sensor that detects whether we put on or take off the headphones to pause or play music according to usage which I must say is excellent. And it’s probably a very rewarding feeling especially people who already use smartphones of “HUAWEI “, but people who use these headphones with other smartphones. Because this feature must be used in conjunction with the HUAWEI AI Life application that is only available for download in the Huawei AppGallery (in the Google Play Store, there is HUAWEI AI Life available for download, but it cannot be used), which the headset model This can be customized a lot if used in conjunction with such applications, such as changing the buttons of each earbud to work as desired, turning on-off the noise control mode, etc.


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