Important skills to be a bitcoin trader

Bitcoins, incepted in 2009, has become synonymous to crypto trading. Although there are thousands of altcoins, people still believe that it is the best. In fact, some incidents from last year have made people more eager to know about and invest in bitcoin.

Basic understanding- when you want to trade in bitcoin, you cannot do it without knowing the basics of bitcoin (cryptocurrency at large) and how it works. So the ABC is always needed

Common sense- another important thing is common sense. Do not just follow blindly what other traders are doing. Use your own wit to understand and make decisions.

Ability to research- we cannot emphasize more about this. If you’re in trading, you have to have the ability to research in order to get rightful information about bitcoin. So, having the right information abiut it will only help ypu. It is more important because there are si many falsw information about bitcoin will bw founded on the internet.

Understand the real reason behind investing- do not fall for the trend. Always have your own reason to enter the field of bitcoin trading. Reason is simple – when you do not do something out of interest and think about the fear of missing out, you will lose for sure. So, always be pretty sure to have some solid reasons behind it.

Stop loss- stop loss is the process to save yourself to lose all your money. You can set the selling price from your end. What happens is, whenever market decrease to the price, it will automatically sell off. Therefore, you have not to encounter any loss

Analytical skills

Analytical skills are highly important because finding a pattern in everything, every incident, every price fall or rise will save you. Not only save, but it is the prime need of bitcoin trading. Once you will be able to find the patterns, you will assume what next is going to happen. Otherwise, you always will be able to depend on the news channels and what the experts are saying about it.

Needless to say that when you put all your trust on the big names, it will be a wrong decision. In fact, many veterans say something else than they are doing to keep the market flow in their favor. So, beware and learn!


You have to have some patience because crypto trading take time. Also. As the market is very unstable and volatile, there is no other way than holding on to your nerves.

Maintain a journal 

While you are into bitcoin trading, maintaining a journal is highly needed. Keep your daily learning written on it. And most importantly, what you are trading, how much you are trading, keep it in a journal.

Have a plan

Always have a plan. Without having some plan, jumping in the bitcoin trading can be suicide. Also, a plan would provide you a direction. In fact, plan will help you stick to one thing rather than trying multiple things and fail.

Risk management- 

Managing the risks is another crucial factor of bitcoin trading. Without having your risks managed, one cannot peacefully trade in crypto.

Choose the right platform 

Choose the right crypto platform otherwise you may fall for scams or hackers. There are many false bitcoin exchanges out there that are scams. Investing your money in such platforms will lead you lose all your money. So, make proper research to find one. And if you ask for suggestion, Bitcoin Erais one of the trustworthy exchanges.

Invest right amount 

Never put more than you can afford. Always make a slight portion of your entire money which should never be more than five percent.


Having a favorite crypto is natural. Butinvesting like that is not so good idea. When investing, put the five percent of your money in 3-4 cryptos. Compartmentalization will mitigate the risk as well.


While you do the bitcoin trading, communication is highly important because you would need to talk to your seniors, industry veterans. Without a proper communication skill, you will not be able to fetch much help.

Now, here are all the important tips to become a bitcoin trader and do bitcoin trading effectively.

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