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Tattoos are one of the most common fashion trends these days worldwide. Earlier in this decade, the scenario was not very friendly. People used to think that tattoos are only for punks and criminals. Schools, colleges, and other business places used to look down on tattoo cultures. But, luckily, things are changing fast, and tattoos are very famous fashion staples nowadays. You can find a tattoo artist down the street in big cities. Tattoos are famous and versatile for a reason. You can find thousands of tattoo artists and still find differences in the style. Also, some cultures use tattoos as a formal sign. If you belong to a specific tribe in Africa, you must have indicative tattoos. Most of the aboriginal tribes use tattoos as their Adulting sign. It means you get to wear tattoos as your pride and approval. During the transition period from adolescence to manhood, people mark tattoos on the tribe’s men. Here in this article, we will discuss some great tattooing techniques, ideas, and the stories behind them. So, please scroll below to get a brief discussion.

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Tattoo techniques

Let us discuss the most common tattoo ideas nowadays. First comes the Maori Tattoos. Maori tattoos have a very traditional name of Ta Moko. It originated from the South Pacific region. Tattoo artists use a chisel and hammer to create the crease on the skin, and ash is the paint. You must be wondering if ash is safe to use on wounds or not? But, surprisingly, ash comes from the burnt woods or leaves. The fire makes it extraordinarily pure and sanitary to use. But, there is no doubt it is an excruciating process. Luckily, we could evolve from using a chisel to cut down the skin. Nowadays, we use electric puncturing pens to create a design. Indian ink and other safe inks are available at an affordable price in the market. The fusion of technology and ancient tradition brings out excellent results. Ta Moko provides amazing wrist tattoo ideas to modern tattoo makers. Then comes the origin of tattooing history. In the early seventies, there was a hoax that tattoo is a heritage from the east. But, now we know Latin American and red Indian tribes have been using it even before history. But, the Polynesian hand tap Tatau’s name caught the market. The technique is quite simple, but the theme makes it unique. Tatau is not a single picture or start to draw on your wrist. Tattoo artists tend to tell a story through Tatau. It is a series that takes over years and hours of hard work to complete. A Polynesian man gets Tatau as his diary to express his thoughts and here filmygod

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Unique tattoo technology

When we say Japan is way ahead of our time, almost nobody will disagree. Japan proved the fact in many aspects. But, tattooing in Japan is extreme. Conservative Japanese society does not take tattoos quite well. Things are changing but very slowly. However, the Tebori tattooing technique is prevalent nowadays. Here the artist will attach a few tattooing needles with an L-shaped handle. So, it looks like a rake, and you get about fifteen punctures at a time. The pain will be excruciating and long-lasting. But, it gives unbelievable angles and depth to the design. The artists need to be very careful and medically expert to handle any complications. So, make sure to visit a trusted and reputed tattoo parlor for the tattoo you want. Otherwise, you may end up in the hospital with a botched design and organ. Read More About: khatrimaza

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