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Improve the quality of your sleep by making these three changes

Without a doubt, a good nights rest is essential for the maintenance of human beings mental and physical well-being. Sleep deprivation causes stress and anxiety, or it can itself be a result of them. Either way, not maintaining a healthy sleep cycle is bound to effect one’s health adversely.

However, there are some, who despite wanting to maintain healthy sleep patterns, cannot sleep peacefully. This blog aims to provide three tried and tested suggestions which they can apply to hopefully overcome the underlying problem messing with their sleep.

Investing in better quality pillows and bedding.

Having pillows and mattresses or duvets that provide you comfort when sleeping is essential. In most cases, low-quality pillows that wear out become uncomfortable to rest your head on. The same can be said for beds that, over time with use, lose their softness. 

Investing in good quality products to aid your comfort at night can change your restless and uncomfortable nights to better nights. These products should be obtained from reliable, tried and tested providers known for their quality. You can also buy products personalized for you, but they are costly.

After all, who doesn’t want a soft cushiony pillow and a duvet as smooth as butter to maximize their comfort?

Minimizing screen time before sleep.

Another cause of sleepless nights is the nonstop exposure to screens even moments before sleep. The bright screen light bombarding your eyes constantly thoroughly strains them and are known to negatively effect a person REM sleep by causing abnormal rhythms. 

In this day and age, when we are constantly surrounded by screens, whether it be our laptop or mobile phones, we are glued to them either for important reasons or just simply wasting our time. It is not about avoiding screens altogether, which would be near impossible to do. It is more about giving your eyes their due rest.

It is advised even by medical specialists that at 30 minutes before one goes to bed, exposure to screens must be avoided for better quality sleep.

Preventing potential causes of disturbance.

Lastly, and perhaps the most important change that you will make, is to ensure that apart from the alarm that you set up, there should be nothing else that can potentially disturb you at night. Make sure that the room you are sleeping in isn’t exposed to external noise.

There are some who, if disturbed during their sleep, find it hard to go back to sleep after, while others are bothered by even the slightest of stimuli. For a good nights rest, all potential sources of such stimuli need to be eliminated.

In summary

The quality of sleep one gets directly effects how well their next day would go and their health. Taking one’s sleep for granted and failing to form a proper routine is bound to adversely effect one’s performance and give rise to problems related to one’s health.


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