Influencer Partnerships for Your Brand

Of all the different marketing strategies for your brand, the idea of influencer partnerships might be one that you’re somewhat conflicted about. On the one hand, it represents a more modern approach to connect with new audiences and makes the most of social media platforms as they exist today. On the other hand, it’s something of a deviation from the more tried-and-true methods, such as SEO strategies.

Therefore, looking at what this option might be able to do for your brand could highlight what possible path ahead could exist here if it’s something that you think would be beneficial.

Aligning Tone of Voice

As with any professional collaboration, your association with them is something that you want to consider. It’s all well and good to observe that an influencer has an especially large following and plan to strike up a partnership, but that might be failing to consider the clash between your brand identity and the influencer’s.

To a certain degree, you might find that a lack of alignment here might simply result in a refusal to create the partnership in the first place, but other times, it might be a question of subtlety or technique, as in the case of SEO. For example, the marketing of a jeux casino needs to be done in a manner that’s both discreet and conscious of the associated connotations. Addressing issues such as moderate gaming straight away can prevent this effort from coming across as at all out of touch.

Your Message, Their Words

There are, as always, different ways of going about this. On the one hand, you might find that you want as much control over what gets said as possible, wanting to control the perception of your brand directly. However, that might not be how this influencer prefers to convey their sponsorships, and in this case, you might find that their audiences aren’t receptive to marketing that feels so blatantly like advertising.

Trusting them to put into words why their audiences might want to see what you have to offer is the point of this partnership. You’ll want your message and brand to be offered to new audiences through a voice they trust, so it feels as though it actually might be of interest to them.

Preparing Your Socials

Once the deal is done and the message has been received, you might start to notice that you get a sudden rush of new audience members on your social media channels and (hopefully) your website.

It goes without saying, then, that you need to be prepared. If your social media pages are outdated or lacking in content, these prospective customers might not stick around long enough to see what you have to offer. Once they land on them, you’ll want them to keep looking, have their attention grabbed, or maybe even follow a link to your website. If they can immediately get a good idea of your tone of voice or what you have to offer, you’ll get to make a series of impressions.


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