Intimate relationships before marriage — it makes no sense to forbid, but to allow it.

How do we teach a teenager that intimate relationships before marriage are a “no-no”? So it’s better not to talk about prohibitions, but about fostering responsibility. And it starts with teenagers, first of all, with respect for themselves, for their gender, for their nature.

This respect includes respect for all parts of your body and your physiology, which is the expression of gender. That is, we are not talking about the abstract, but specifically about the male body and the female body, about respect for it as God’s creation.

This means that all physiological sexual capacities are created by God. On the other side is the cultivation of an attitude toward marriage. Understanding that marriage is a multifaceted human condition in which there are familial and generic aspects, aspects of personality, love, relationships of friendship, and so on. Including the sexual side, which is an indispensable and very important part of marriage. By the way, if you are looking for your life partner eden apps will help you with it.

Then there is again the question of responsibility. To what extent is a young man, an adolescent responsible for himself as a person, for his body, for what goes on in him, for his attraction to the other sex? A man’s responsibility, among other things, is the responsibility for his seed. So once a boy realizes that his source is ripe, he is responsible for where and how it is “sown,” and what happens to it. Equally, girls who mature earlier, from the very beginning of their period, can be responsible for a possible pregnancy. This responsibility is fundamental for adolescents who have already faced the maturity of their sexual functions.

A beautiful and irreversible metamorphosis occurs if a young man and a young woman enter into a sexual relationship. It is an event of enormous emotional power that overshadows everything else and changes everything around them. It has changed so much that people can’t return to how they used to communicate. This means that if there has not been a respectful friendship between two personalities, it means it is difficult for them to learn to respect and cherish each other again: sexual intercourse overshadows everything with its sweet fog. It begins to dictate the rules of man’s and woman’s behavior.

There are themes of seclusion, concern for the place of the meeting, and the conditions of the meeting. It’s no longer about friendship. Often early sexual relations are possible with mutual indifference to each other. Young partners may not know each other and do not seek to do so. Psychologically speaking, a sexual relationship is essentially a natural family. After all, both have responsibilities in the relationship as husband and wife. But since young people do not accept this role, they are responsible for it and their self-deprecation.

How to be, how to convey to a teenager that, despite everything, you should not do it? —, when sexual intimacy comes before marriage, it’s harder to build a relationship in marriage afterward. Marriage is a complicated job, with complicated rules, your head is spinning, and you have to figure out: what is family, needs and wants, and premarital intimacy interferes with figuring each other out properly. But it’s too late to bring all this to a girl or a young man; it has to be explained to children at school. First of all, they have to understand the value of family relations, the value of the creation that is called humanity, the human body, and the human soul. And when young people reach the age of possibility of sexual relations, it is already difficult to explain something: time has passed.

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