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Look for safe and professional iPhone backup software to back up your data? Some iPhone users (just like me) used to back up iPhone data via iCloud or iTunes. However, it’s easy find that both iCloud and iTunes rely on a good internet connection to back up iPhone data, especially since iCloud only has 5GB of available storage.

After trying several and weighing their pros and cons, I stumbled upon an iPhone backup program called FoneTool, which has a user-friendly interface that’s perfect for even the least tech-savvy person.

FoneTool – 100% Free and Powerful iPhone Backup Software

FoneTool is a free and powerful iPhone backup application that lets you make full or selective iPhone backups to protect your iPhone data on Windows 11, 10, 8 and 7. With strong security measures and state-of-the-art features, FoneTool allows users to preview files and select a variety of backups, such as photos, videos, music, messages, and contacts, or choose to back up all iPhone data completely. In particular, FoneTool ensures the integrity of data without overwriting existing iPhone data.

Benefits of Using FoneTool to Backup iPhone:

  • Two-Way Backup: FoneTool offers two backup options (Full Backup and Selective Backup) that allow you to preview and selectively backup iPhone or make a full iPhone backup.
  • No Internet Required: With FoneTool, you can perform backups without needing an internet connection, providing convenience and flexibility, especially in areas with limited connectivity.
  • Unlimited Storage Space: FoneTool allows you to back up your iPhone to your PC, USB drive or external hard drive and other portable hard drives.
  • Encrypted Backups: All iPhone backups created with FoneTool are encrypted using backup encryption features, ensuring the security and privacy of your personal information.


  • FoneTool provides fast backup speed so you can back up your iPhone quickly and efficiently without any length of time.
  • FoneTool allows you to back up various types of information, such as photos, videos, music, contacts, messages, and more.
  • FoneTool offers an easy-to-use and user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and use, even for those who are not tech experts.


  • While FoneTool is compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8 and 7, it currently does not support Mac computers.

How to Backup iPhone to PC with iPhone Backup Software – FoneTool

Now that you have learned the FoneTool app, how to back up your iPhone data with it? Here is a step-by-step guide:

Part 1. Preview and Selectively Backup Specific Data Types

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your PC with he USB cable > Launch FoneTool and go to the Phone Backup section > Select Selective Backup and click Get Started.

Step 2: In the Selective Backup screen, click the corresponding icon to select the specific type of data to be backed up > Click OK to confirm your selection.

Step 3: Once you have made your selection, click Start Backup to initiate the backup process and ensure that everything you need is safely retained in this backup.

Part 2. Make a Full Backup of Your iPhone

Step 1: Launch FoneTool and navigate to the Phone Backup feature in the left pane > Choose Full Backup and proceed by clicking Get Started.

Step 2: Encrypt Backup Encryption to protect sensitive data as needed > Select a Backup Storage Path to choose a location to save backup files > Then, click Start Backup.

Step 3: To restore the backup files, simply keep your iPhone connected to the PC and access them through the My Backups section.

In addition to phone backup and restore, FoneTool is one of the most excellent iPhone transfer tools on the market. If you need to transfer data to new iPhone after setup, you can go to Phone Transfer > iPhone to iPhone to transfer data from your old iPhone to your new iPhone.

The Bottom Line

To sum up, while there are many iPhone backup tools on the internet, it’s important to select a free, safe, and professional iPhone backup app. After trying many tools, FoneTool became the best iPhone backup software in 2024. Moreover, apart from backup and recovery, FoneTool offers a powerful set of features, like phone transfer, data eraser, and more.


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