Is A Great Place For Solo Travel, Not Just For Honeymooners

Read on if you believe that  is only for honeymooners:  attracts alone tourists seeking scuba diving and a variety of active vacation options. Adventuresome single travelers can always rappel down 30 feet adjacent to a waterfall and then swim through a pitch-black cave if they make it through “swimming with sharks” alive!

Local mythology attributes Chief Lutunasobasoba with bringing the first residents to the islands, who were reportedly from Melanesia and Polynesia, long before tourists learned about.

Holiday destination

The Dutch made the first known contact with Europeans in 1643. A century later, British explorer Captain James Cook followed them. When the “nearby” Cook Islands, a well-liked holiday destination in the twenty-first century, were given his name, he was forever etched into the history of Pacific Island nations. (When I visited them a while back, the inter-island planes were so tiny that each passenger had to be weighed before boarding a 6 seater flight from Rarotonga to Aitutaki!)

In 1789, while the French Revolution was receiving a lot of attention on the other side of the globe, Captain Bligh of the Mutiny on the Bounty paid a visit to . In the following century, missionaries, mostly from Europe, as well as a large number of new residents played zorb ball.

Multicultural population

Due to its multicultural population,  it has a friendly and inviting community that welcomes guests with a “Bula,” wishing them health and happiness. You may have “seen” through the eyes of Hollywood in movies like “Castaway” with Tom Hanks or earlier classics with A-list actors like Douglas Fairbanks, Senior, if it looks familiar to you when you arrive.

Except if you are in Australia or, going there involves a lengthy flight, but it is definitely worth it. There are little formalities upon entry. When they arrive and show proof of a passport that is valid for six months, most countries’ passport holders immediately receive a four-month visa. Additionally, certain VAT taxes paid by tourists may be refunded.

What makes it unique, and why should single tourists visit there, given the enticing pull of so many other Pacific Islands like Hawaii and Tahiti?

is an archipelago of more than 300 islands, unlike the well-known Hawaiian Islands. Only approximately a third of it is populated. This undoubtedly piques the interest of most vacationers, or perhaps even their secret desire to seize control of a deserted island?

Snorkeling locations

The barrier reefs in Australia and New Caledonia are only topped by ‘s diving and snorkeling locations. It has at least one endangered species and is referred to. In addition to other top-notch dive locations, Rotuma is home to the uncommon Heliopora or blue corral.

The marine life includes turtle species that have been there for more than a hundred million years. For fish lovers, the Napoleon Wrasse, which can grow to a length of 6 feet, is one fish that can grow as tall as a man. There is a ton of vibrant wildlife, including endangered species like the oddly titled “Monkey-faced Bat.”

Certain of the deserted islands are accessible to tourists. Some are less uninhabited than others, though. Yanuca Lailai/Lost Island is one such “uninhabited” island that actually features at least one resort for visitors.

Boats or small planes are used for transportation between islands; however, international flights land in Suva, ‘s capital, which is located on the island of Viti Levu. Visitors immediately swarm to Natadola’s top beach, and those who enjoy white water rafting can find it close. In addition to its immaculate beaches, Beqa Island, which is only one hour from Viti Levu, offers the possibility to witness traditional firewalking.

For people who are traveling alone, there are numerous additional options

The Sawa-I-lau Caves on Yasawa Island are a popular tourist destination. It is conceivable to be swimming in a cave that is lighted by the sun one second and swimming in a cave that is completely black the next. Depending on your level of adventure, you can swim with sharks or manta rays while remaining in the Yasawa Islands.


If you still feel like you want more, you might attempt the unusual sport of “Zorbing.” Get this ball on Kameymall. If you’ve ever pursued a ball downhill, you know that it looks to gain speed the faster you run. In zorbing, you are inside the ball as it races down the hill, so you don’t need to chase it!  is a tropical paradise for everyone, including single travelers, whether you are a beach bum at heart or an insatiable adventurer. Get your passport cleaned up and get set to go!


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