Is Alcohol a Good Gift?

Giving alcohol as a gift is quite an easy and confident choice. Most adults like some sort of alcoholic beverage, and for people that don’t, most drink brands now have alcohol-free options. However, for some, the idea of giving a loved one or work colleague a gift containing alcohol is not an option, so that begs the question; is alcohol a good gift? Keep reading to find out more.

Is it, Is it Not?

A gift that includes an alcoholic drink can be used for any occasion – Birthdays, graduations, a leaving gift, or even a welcome gift. Many companies have profited from the culture of gift giving as it is an easy business venture to enter, and it almost seems everlasting. There are a lot of ideas for gifts that involve alcohol that you can look at, such as

  • Subscription boxes – where you can gift someone a monthly box that includes their favorite drinks and flavor.
  • Make your own cocktail kit – where they can make their own drinks and be experimental with their tastebuds.
  • A keepsake – a lot of these gifts come with a lovely bespoke glass that you can keep, so while the alcohol won’t last forever, the keepsake will.

On the flip side of this comes the opinion that giving alcohol can be seen as irresponsible and dangerous. This opinion is said to of believed that might be encouraging underage drinking as well as encouraging the older generation to keep drinking who might have been advised to stop. Health experts have said that drinking at home can be just as dangerous as drinking at parties and that gifting alcohol can emphasise this. However, if you are careful and sensible with your alcohol intake, then there is nothing to say receiving a gift containing a drink will affect you in a bad way.

Let the Fun Be-Gin

A gift that has become a favorite amongst customers is gin. Gin has a wide range of flavors and brands, so it is a convenient choice if you are hoping to give alcohol to multiple people. To make it more of a special gift some companies provide personalised liqueur bottles such as The Oxton Liqueur Company. This service allows you to choose a perfect spirit and flavor for the special one you are giving it to as well as being able to leave a personalized message for them that they keep forever. It is making a simple gift that little bit more layered and adding that personal touch makes the gift extra meaningful for the person receiving it.


Whether you agree or disagree with giving alcohol as a gift, everyone is likely to agree that it is an easy and versatile gift to give. It works for all occasions, and you can give multiple gifts of the same beverage to different people. This especially works if you personalize them, as even though it is the same gift, you can make them different with the name or the message included with them. Just remember that when giving gifts that contain alcohol, do it responsibly and only give them to people who are on and above the legal age.


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