Is Class 12 Accountancy Difficult? Tips to make it easy.

The commerce stream is now one of the most popular among students. It opens up a plethora of promising career opportunities for students, the most popular of which are business administration, chartered accountancy, and finance. Accountancy, Business Studies, and Economics are required subjects in commerce. It sounds great, but it is difficult for a student to achieve high marks in the Commerce stream for two reasons: first, the subject is completely new to the student, unlike science and arts, and second, its subject contains many complex theories and formulas. To excel in the Commerce stream, a student must become familiar with complex terms, formulas, and business concepts.

Here are some Class 12 CBSE Board Exams Tips for Getting a High Score in Accountancy.

Locate the Special Topics and Chapters

 Pay close attention to questions about company accounts, cash flow statements, and partnership topics. They are worth 60% of the total weightage in the question paper. Don’t leave the illustrations out of the ratio analysis. With chapter-by-chapter solved previous year papers, you can better understand the chapter weightage. It explains the types of questions that will be asked in ten years from that specific chapter and topic.

Practice Like a Pro

This business subject requires a lot of practice. Apart from NCERT textbooks and other reference books, answer as many questions as you can. Solving previous year’s papers from the previous ten years helps students gain confidence and speed in answering questions. 

Solve previous year’s questions to determine your level of preparation.

With previous year’s papers, you can test your efficiency and accuracy.

It is critical to understand the theory. It is best to learn theory by writing about it. It makes it easier to answer questions. This knowledge is gained through practice with previous year papers. The topics of the theory portion of accounting present you with features, benefits, and drawbacks. Do not disregard them.

Understand the proper way to write exam answers

CBSE champion answers are provided by subject matter experts. Students can learn how to solve questions correctly to get full marks. Refer to previous years’ solved questions to learn the proper format for writing answers. Practice drawing formats to improve your exam speed and accuracy.

Make ten years’ worth of formulas

Make a list of all the formulas for questions that appeared in previous year’s papers from the previous ten years. These are the significant questions that have arisen in the last ten years. There is a good chance that they will happen again this year. Score well in writing and remembering all of the important formulas.


Students mustn’t deviate from the syllabus. While it is beneficial to study reference books for some topics, students should concentrate on their NCERT textbook. Following the NCERT book is sufficient to achieve a high score because questions are based on the NCERT syllabus.

The study should be planned according to the CBSE syllabus using NCERT Books. Board exams are based on the CBSE’s prescribed syllabus. Extra practise can be obtained from market reference books.

T.S.Grewal solutions are some of the most commonly used reference books and TS Grewal Solutions for Class 12 Accountancy.

Meaning and definitions

Definitions, like their meaning, must be properly understood. Students must comprehend the concept’s logic and reasoning. After understanding the concept and logic, memorize the definitions so that they can be written down as clearly as possible.

Features, benefits, and disadvantages

Students must concentrate on the features, benefits, and drawbacks of various concept topics because these questions will be asked frequently in the Board exams.

Written practice is required. Understanding and memorizing alone will not help you develop a strong grasp of the subject.

Identifying the weak areas

Students must identify their areas of weakness. They should address their weaknesses by developing a strategy and devoting more time to them.

They should evaluate their performance after each practice test and strive to improve.

Students can keep track of their performance, including the grades they receive in sample tests, to better understand how they can improve.


Students should try to remember all of the important accounting formulas. Students should develop a thorough understanding of how a formula works, as simply memorizing those formulas will result in insufficient learning. The best way to remember formulas is to create a chapter-by-chapter formula sheet and review it regularly.

Entries are recorded and posted

When preparing ledger accounts, always post all entries in their respective accounts at the same time, rather than preparing the accounts separately.

If you follow this procedure, you have a very low chance of missing any item in any account.


Make your chapter-by-chapter notes.

Mark with RED the concepts that you find difficult to understand.

When answering questions, you may become stuck at a common point. Always make a note of those common points for later revision. It will come in handy later on in the exam.


Proper revision is essential for exam success.Bring together all of your notes, practice registers, and formula sheets that you created throughout the year.

Create a revision strategy. Allocate the time available between each chapter and begin answering the questions that you found difficult to answer while practicing. Students must exercise and develop all of the chapters, it is recommended that they plan according to the unit-wise weightage allocation. Furthermore, they must devote more time to important accounting chapters such as Fundamentals, Admission of Partner, Share Capital, Ratio Analysis, and Cash Flow Statements, among others.

Also, go over the concepts that you struggled with and marked earlier.


Preparing for the Accountancy board examination can be a daunting task for many Class 12 students in the Commerce stream.

Accounting is one of the most difficult subjects to master, but it is also one of the most rewarding. Students can achieve a high score with proper planning, preparation, and practice.

All the tips mentioned above will help you to score well in your exam.

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