Is Drobo storage the correct choice for your small business?

Every company, be it a small business or an extensive one, thrives on its data. You would be producing everything from the target market list to the contact details in the initial business days. You cannot undermine the importance of all that data and the subsequent effect on your business. For example, a simple failure or corruption of your drive can result in a loss. It might have had the order details of a client or some sensitive information. This is why it’s crucial to keep the data safe and invest in efficient storage devices. Otherwise, it can cost a lot to hire data recovery services all the time.

A popular and efficient storage option for small businesses is Drobo. It allows you to plug in multiple drives at once and access them. You wouldn’t have to worry about finding an individual drive each time there’s a problem. Your Drobo will present all of them in one place, making your work much easier. However, it can get a bit difficult to invest in drives regularly. It can take the costs up if you produce a lot of data every single day. A better choice, in that situation, would be to shift to a higher storage drive. Let’s see whether Drobo storage is the best solution for your small business:

The amount of data

New businesses should invest in a Drobo as the data is still not that extensive. They can easily store them onto multiple drives without worrying about storage. For an extensive one, it is better to consider your total needs first. You cannot keep on buying drives if the data exceeds the limit of the previous one. A better choice would be to use cloud data storage for a large business.

The cost of data maintenance

If you’re currently on a strict budget and cannot afford to outsource your data storage needs, a Drobo is your perfect option. You don’t have to manage the configuration yourself or hire someone. All you need is to focus on your business processes and let the Drobo handle data storage. So, know what you can afford right now for the business and make an informed decision about the data storage.

Data sharing

A Drobo allows easy data sharing by just turning on the option in the device. You can access the data and files over the network and allow others to see it too. It is an excellent option if data sharing is crucial for your business. You can install the Drobo dashboard on the other network devices to access the files easily.

Data security

The safety of the data is crucial for every business. You cannot risk that by not keeping backups or not investing in safe storage solutions. Drobo is an excellent way to access the files safely on the computer. You can keep continuing the work even if any of the drives fail. It won’t stop or damage the efficiency of the device. However, some things can put a risk to Drobo itself. Power outages are an example that may risk the safety of your data on the Drobo. You can resolve this by ensuring an uninterrupted supply. Apart from that, use Drobo data recovery services if there is any damage. They would retrieve and get back the files quickly, and you could continue with the work.


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