Is It Worth Collecting Staffordshire Pottery?

If you are interested in collecting a set of items that hail from merry old England, then it can be worth looking into buying some Staffordshire pottery.

As the name suggests, Staffordshire pottery is a native of the Staffordshire region of England and has a lot of historical significance, with the oldest pieces dating back to the 1740s and being made by the Pew Group. Collectors heavily seek after Ergo, pottery from this period.

So, if you are new to collecting pottery or are a dab hand at it, you may wonder if it is worth looking into Staffordshire pottery. It is, and here are five reasons why!


Anything worth collecting, from pottery to jewelry, is historical, and when you collect Staffordshire pottery, you are collecting items that signify a period in British history, which has now been upgraded to being a part of English heritage.

With all the plates, cups, and figures linked to Staffordshire, it may seem daunting to choose the most relevant pieces relating to the time period you want to collect from. Therefore, you can look into a Staffordshire pottery guide to help you ascertain which historical pieces you want to get.


Some pieces of antique furniture and pottery are very limited, with some items only being vases, cups, or even plates. However, as the Staffordshire pottery collection offers a range of items and designs across tea sets, vases, plates, and figurines, you will likely find something that you can enjoy adding to your home.


OK, so if you are looking into collecting pottery, chances are that you are a fan of art. With the beautifully crafted Staffordshire collection, there is much to say about what these pieces can bring to your home. Some pieces are white, with minor coloring, which is popular among the vases that come from this area of the UK. Other pieces are more intricate and may boast a range of deep blues, greens, yellows, and even 3D aspects. So, you will be able to appreciate the wide range of artistic aspects that this range of pottery can bring to your antique collection.


When you collect antiques, it is important to see them as having investment potential, and with the Staffordshire collection, there are some pieces that are worth thousands. Indeed, the most expensive piece to date was sold in 2010 for £130,000! Even if the pieces you collect are not overly rare, provided that you keep the antiques in good condition, they will likely accumulate in value, providing you with an interesting investment opportunity.


Many people in the UK collect Staffordshire pottery simply because it is part of their heritage. Of course, globally, many people have histories that can be traced back to the UK, meaning that if you are looking to collect art pieces that have historical relevance to you and your family, then opting to collect any part of the Staffordshire pottery range will tick that box, while also looking amazing in your home too.


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