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Is Your AC Not Cooling Effectively?

An air conditioner (aircon) helps a lot in creating a chilly environment for us to sleep at night. That environment allows us to have a better sleep at night. Therefore, most homeowners like to keep their aircon in tip-top shape because a broken aircon may affect sleep quality.

But, what are the reasons an aircon cannot cool an indoor space effectively?

Four reasons an aircon cannot cool your space as expected

Let’s find out the culprits how sometimes your aircon cannot bring the cold and fresh air you want.

Dirty AC filter

Have you ever opened the front panel of your aircon’s indoor unit? If so, you can find air filters within it. The filters help screen dust, dirt, and any other unwanted particles. Hence, you can enjoy cooler and cleaner air after turning on the aircon.

The filters will become dusty or soiled due to everyday use. Gradually, the accumulation of dirt can restrict the airflow in the system. As a result, your aircon has restricted airflow and cannot blow cold air.

Therefore, you should do these to keep your aircon works effectively:

  • Clean your filters regularly
  • Schedule a regular servicing with a licensed technician
  • Also, perform an aircon chemical wash too at least once a year with your go-to technician

Damaged compressor

A compressor plays an essential role in the air conditioning system. Most technicians will check it first if an aircon cannot cool a space efficiently. It is because a damaged compressor can greatly affect the cooling power.

That is possible because the compressor manages the flow of an aircon gas in the system. It creates a flow by controlling the pressure of aircon gas. Hence, a broken compressor means the aircon gas cannot do its job.

Aircon gas leak

Have you ever wondered how an aircon can cool an indoor space?

It is because of the refrigeration cycle. In the refrigeration cycle, there are so many key players in the process, and one of them is refrigerant, also known as aircon gas or freon.

In the cycle, the aircon gas facilitates the transfer, absorption, and release of heat in the refrigeration cycle. As a result, warm air will transform into cold air after passing through the cold aircon gas.

There are cases where the aircon gas can leak. Often, it happens due to problems in the system or faulty installation. The leak then leaves your system with an inadequate amount of refrigerant and make your aircon only blows warm air even after you turn it on for hours.

If your aircon is clean and still not cooling properly, it is best to schedule an appointment with your aircon technician. They can inspect your system thoroughly, eliminate the aircon gas leak possibilities, and perform an aircon gas refill if necessary.

Broken aircon remote control or thermostat

Malfunction can also happen in an aircon’s thermostat or remote control. The trouble makes the sensor inaccurately detect the temperature in your room. As a result, it can send wrong temperature readings to your aircon.

Some reasons your thermostat or remote control can send wrong temperature readings to your aircon are a break in an electrical circuit or dirt in the system that affects the temperature reading by the sensor.

The key points are

It is easy to keep your aircon in top shape:

  • Maintain its cleanliness by cleaning the filters regularly
  • Regular service from the best aircon servicing contractor in your area can prevent issues in your aircon
  • If you buy a new aircon, use professional service to install it for you
  • For old aircon units, an aircon chemical wash can prevent mould from growing in your system

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