Japanese Fans Go Viral During World Cup

Japan is a place known for many things. Innovation, technology, discipline, vibrant pop culture, strong traditional values, and cleanliness.

In fact, Perhaps Japan is the cleanest country in the world, and the reason starts at a very early age in a Japanese person’s life.

Japanese people and cleanliness

From as early as first graders, children in Japanese schools are made to clean their class, serve lunch to classmates and even clean the toilets.

A western perspective may deem this to be a harsh practice but the results speak for themselves. Once again, Japan is the cleanest countries in the world.

Not to mention, the people of Japan are one of the most disciplined and respectful.

Japanese soccer fans cleaned the World Cup Stadium

after match

So, is it really a surprise that Japanese fans were seen in large numbers gathering trash from all around the stadium and cleaning up after the match in Qatar?

The fans were caught on camera and when asked about it they said they are not doing it for praise or to show off. They were simply doing it because that’s what Japanese people do; they respect their surroundings and that means cleaning and maintaining the place that they have used.

What an absolutely great practice.

In the video, Japanese fans were kitted out in all sorts of attire. One man was wearing a sumo wrestler’s uniform and another was wearing a samurai costume with a headband depicting a red rising sun. There were others who were in their team’s football jerseys with a flag donned like a cape. Others were dressed as pop culture icons of Japan to support their team.

It goes to show that these are people who know how to have fun, they are passionate and emotional people. They think and feel like everyone else except they have embodied this classy tradition of cleaning up after themselves.

Some fans were with their children and were even encouraging them to help clean too.

Imagine if this practice was implemented in all schools, and cleanliness was taught all around the world. This world would be a much better place to live in.

The video has since gone viral and people from all over the world are praising the fans for the good deed and great work.

Unfortunately, however, some people are speculating that the act was done just for show and not with sincerity. Those people should know that this isn’t the first time such an event has taken place.

It is not just this time that Japanese fans cleaned up the stadium

Every soccer world cup, Japanese fans can be seen doing this. Even during the previous world cup and the one before that, too. It has now become a tradition that is practiced by Japanese fans after soccer matches that they attend.

What’s extraordinary is that the match, during which they were filmed cleaning, wasn’t even one that their country’s team participated in!

This level of discipline and courtesy is always expected from the people of Japan, and we are proud to say that they have not failed to deliver.

The Japanese fans have a lot to be proud of as they are great ambassadors of the country known as the land of the rising sun.

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