Job Offer Rescinded After Background Check

Background checks are nerve-wracking enough without thinking about the potential of having a job offer rescinded based on something your potential employer noticed on your background history report.

It’s important to stay informed of the reasons that your job offer might be rescinded and what your own background check says so you know what to expect as you progress through the hiring process with any company.

Our article aims to give you more insight into this information.

Why a Job Offer Might Be Rescinded

There are several reasons why a job offer might be rescinded after a background check report is reviewed. In most cases, the presence of criminal convictions or serious criminal offenses is enough to disqualify an individual from a job, especially if those items were not previously disclosed or discussed.

Other items that might cause a job offer to be rescinded include false education or employment history, professional licensing or certifications that are expired or were never valid, false identity information, and previous drug offenses or sexual offender charges.

Employers do their best to create safe workplaces and protect themselves from lawsuits or other issues with their employees in the future, which is why such factors are considered before offers of employment are verified.

Certain types of jobs, such as ones that work with vulnerable populations, health care work, or those operating specific types of equipment also tend to have very strict hiring standards for the safety of all involved.

The Legalities Surrounding Job Offers

It’s important to note that the hiring process in all states is surrounded by lots of legalities, company policies, and state or federal disclosure laws. Many states are at-will states, meaning that they can terminate employees or rescind job offers without telling the individual the reason why their job offer is being taken away.

Other states only allow certain criminal records to be disclosed, while still others have equal opportunity hiring rights in the form of ban-the-box laws or other similar legislation.

While progressing through the hiring process in your jurisdiction, you should make an effort to understand what is legal and what isn’t regarding background checks and hiring rights so that you ensure the entire process is fair.

Evaluating Your Background Check Report

A major step to understanding why your background check report was rescinded is evaluating your own background check report to ensure you know what potential employers might be seeing.

Staying informed of your background check history can also help you to be upfront and honest with employers that ask for a background check report; being preemptive and informing companies about any potential issues is often beneficial to your record, especially if the potential red flags are items from years ago.

You can verify the information on your own background check report by using an online criminal records or background check search.

Simply input your name and location into the search bar. Then, run the search, and then review your background check report; the information on this report will be compiled from public records and will include the same information that turns up on official background check reports requested by potential employers.

Check your background check report for items such as criminal convictions, education and employment history, location history, and civil court records or driving history. If any of this information appears incorrect or doesn’t belong to you, you can reach out to the records office in the state where the incorrect item is recorded and request a change.

Oftentimes, individuals who use multiple names or have changed their name in the past will have more difficulties with incorrect information appearing on their background check reports.

What Are Your Next Steps After a Rescinded Job Offer?

If you’ve had a job offer rescinded after submitting a background check, your next step is to speak with the potential employer, if possible. They may not give you a reason why your job offer was rescinded, and they may decline to speak with you, but it is always worthwhile to ask.

If you believe that your job offer has been rescinded due to incorrect information on your background check report, make an effort to discuss this with your potential employer and provide proof of the items being changed or incorrect.

If you suspect that an unfair reason related to discriminatory factors (such as race, gender, religion, or even social media appearance in some states) caused your job offer to be rescinded, you should be contacting an employment lawyer.

A lawyer that specializes in hiring rights and employment should help you can advocate on your behalf and ensure that you are being treated with fairness and equality by potential employers.

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