Keep Your Canopy Tent Cool in Summers with These Practical Tips

Summers are here. That means amazing sunshine, backyard barbecues and heaps of fun with your pals and loved ones. Whatever shenanigans you’re planning for the upcoming summer, do ensure that you stay protected from sunburn. And what better than a pop-up canopy to give you respite and protection from the hot weather?

Canopy tents are perfect for outdoor events. They offer just the right amount of shade while doubling up as venues for your summer wedding, reception, 4th of July celebrations, product launch or company retreat.

But doesn’t it get stuffy inside a canopy tent?

Not if you play your cards right.

Invest in cooling for your pop-up canopy and you’ll love the comfort it will add to your outdoor events.

Handling the heat in a canopy tent – Handy tips to beat the heat

When it’s hot outdoors, dip the temperatures inside your tent with these handy tips. Read on to discover what you can do to cool down your canopy.

Tip #1: Location, location, location

Just like real estate, your makeshift outdoor shelter also relies on the right location to reap maximum cooling benefits. Consider setting up your canopy underneath a shaded area rather than the direct sun. Choose a grove or look for a tall building that can provide its shadow to pitch your pop-up canopy.

But what to do when you happen to be at a Farmer’s Market or the beach? Or if you cannot find a shaded area to set up your canopy?

Tip #2: Roll ‘em down

What happens when your room swelters? You spring up and open the doors and windows for better ventilation, right? The same logic applies to your canopy tent too. If the heat becomes overbearing, you need to allow the breeze to flow. Consider rolling up the walls on one side. Also, while setting up your canopy tent, make sure to face it towards the breeze. You can also set it towards the area that has the most shade for maximum effect.

Do this and let your fans do the rest.

Tip #3: The power of fans

People often forget that canopies can easily support accessories such as ceiling fans. If you’re concerned about spiking temperatures on the day of your event, ceiling fans can provide welcome relief. If you want to go for floor fans instead, there are many sleek designs you can choose from. Place them discreetly towards the side or near the entrance of your canopy.

If you think fans are noisy, cool boxes and air-conditioners are equally great in controlling the heat inside your canopy tent.

Tip #4: Keep calm and install cool boxes

Coolers or cool boxes are large, stand-up boxes that you can place in a corner of your tent to keep the interiors cool. Unlike traditional fans that just circulate air, coolers evaporate water that is then sent across with a fan. The result is quite similar to the ocean breeze; the air created by the evaporating cooled water is nearly 10 degrees colder than the room temperature. However, coolers don’t help against humidity.

Air conditioners are the best bet against sultry weather conditions.

Tip #5: Bringing out the big guns

If you are planning a huge event underneath a big canopy (say a 20×20 pop-up canopy), then ceiling fans or coolers will not combat the heat. Air conditioners pack a powerful punch and will keep your tent exceptionally cool. They pump air directly into the canopy, thereby creating a refreshing ambient temperature inside.

Of course, the layout of your canopy also matters.

Tip #6: Usher in the cool winds with a great canopy layout

What layout you choose also impacts how hot your canopy tent gets throughout the day. The sun is at its strongest in the afternoon. So, if your event begins around noon, make sure that the windows are not positioned on the south wall. As the sun moves throughout the day, it will begin to feel cooler as it reaches the west side.

The floor matters too.

Tip #7: Beat the heat with grass

Placing your pop-up canopy on the grass is also a good way to keep your canopy cool. Heat rises and you don’t want it coming upwards through your tent’s floor. However, this is what will happen if you place your tent on asphalt or concrete. Grass flooring keeps things cool in your canopy tent.

Complement the flooring with an element of water to accentuate the overall cooling effect.

Tip #8: Water, water everywhere – Cooling everything

While a cooling device and grass flooring will definitely get the job done, consider adding an element of water to add flair to your event. Try positioning sprinklers around the tent if you’re hosting the event in your backyard. Just make sure they’re not too close, or else all the guests will get splashed. If you’re hosting a party with kids, you can also add water inflatables to complete their party experience.

Oh, and make sure your guests are hydrated with refreshments.

Tip #9: Keep yourself and your guests cool with chilled beverages

Nothing will work if your guests keep walking around with parched throats and pit stains. Mojitos, ginger ales, lemonades and ice-cold water will simmer down the heat. When properly hydrated, your guests will be able to enjoy the party better.

But wait, don’t forget your pets in the heat.

If you’re feeling the heat, there’s a high chance that your furry ball of love is also exasperated. Adding an element of water will help them cool off quickly. Make sure to pack plenty of water for four-footed guests too. You can also set up an outdoor umbrella around the sunny areas where pets can run around or lie down for a quick nap.

Tip #10: The right tent also matters

Adding cooling devices and the right layout does matter but choosing the right tent is as significant too. Frame style canopy tents and pop-up canopy tents use block-out fabric that reduces the heat entering your tent. Another important factor to take into account here is UV resistance. The ultraviolet rays of the sun can cause lasting damage to your skin, so make sure that the fabric of your tent is UV-proof – and don’t forget to dab copious amounts of sunscreen on your body!

Discuss the details of your event with your vendor and they will help you identify the best canopy tents that suit your budget as well as the weather.

Organizing an outdoor event during summers can quickly cause sunburns, fatigue and dehydration. But when planned properly, your event will be a smashing success. Summer, with its balmy weather and picturesque landscapes, is perfect for selfies and precious memories. Just top it up with a long-lasting, 50+ UV-resistant canopy tent and you’re ready to rock summer!


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