Key considerations to hire an injury lawyer in Tucson

Road to justice: Key considerations to hire an injury lawyer in Tucson

Whether you were hurt because of a dog bite or have suffered losses related to a car accident in Tucson, you deserve justice. If someone else was liable and accountable for your losses, you have the right to file a claim and ask for compensation. The entire process and the overall nature of Arizona laws may sound confusing, which is precisely why you need a personal injury attorney. Here are some key considerations for choosing a lawyer. 

  1. Relatable expertise: The work of an attorney specializing in personal injury law depends on the nature of cases. Some are more capable of handling medical malpractice lawsuits, while others are great at dealing with auto accident claims. When you look for injury lawyers, ensure they have relatable experiences that would be valuable for your needs. 
  2. Trial exposure: You also need an injury lawyer who knows what it takes to fight the battle in court. The truth is most cases are settled either through insurance or mediation. Lawyers often don’t have the experience of going to trial for injury lawsuits, which is why it makes sense to find someone who has been in the field. Ask the attorney how often they go to trial and the outcomes of recent cases. 
  3. Availability: You don’t want to engage an attorney who wants to pass the case to a junior. When you are paying a hefty contingency fee to an injury lawyer, make sure they are available and personally involved. Discuss whether they have the bandwidth to work on the case. 
  4. Communication style: You should be able to work with an injury lawyer as and when required. As a client, you have the right to ask for updates, connect with your attorney to discuss important case details and understand the legal options. Check whether you like the way a lawyer interacts, and you can judge that through the first consultation session. 
  5. Ethics and attitude: Never choose a lawyer who is okay with inflating your losses or overstating your injuries to get a higher settlement. Such tactics never pay off. Instead, understand their approach and how they intend to fight for you. Besides handling the necessary paperwork and other things like investigation, they must educate you about your rights. 

It doesn’t take any upfront money to hire a personal injury lawyer in Tucson. However, make it a point to discuss their fee and other expenses that you need to cover.  






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