Key Warning Signs Which Can Indicate the Onset of Dementia

It may well be that you are concerned about your own state of mind and prowess when it comes to your memory and are looking for a way to ascertain whether or not you should book an appointment with your medical doctor; or you maybe concerned for one of your loved ones.

So, whether you have arrived here for yourself or a parent, sibling, friend, or other family member, continue reading to learn of the key warning signs which can be an indication of the onset of dementia.

Impaired Judgements

Usually, everything a person has been taught in the past, in terms of knowing right from wrong and basic rules of health and safety, stays with them into adulthood.

If you, or your friend or family member, has started showing absolutely no fear in the face of obvious danger (for example, looking to climb out of an open window on the fifth floor of a building) then this could mean that their judgement is being affected by a memory-based illness. In this situation, it may well be worth looking into moving to a reputable and renowned assisted living Sycamore, Il, which will provide a fabulous and thriving community, as well as extra support if and when it is needed.

A Lack of Initiative

When having a conversation, if you feel as if you can no longer relate to a hypothetical situation presented to you by a friend, or cannot think of the right words in a certain situation, then this is certainly nothing to worry about on its own.

If, however, you feel as if you are always trying to guess what you should be saying, rather than feeling a natural response to a question, then this could mean that a potential issue needs to be checked out in terms of your automatic cognitive thinking.

Furthermore, some people who experience signs and symptoms of the onset of dementia can start to lose an awareness of what they are saying and struggle to speak out when they want to speak.

Unpredictable Moods

Life (especially in the modern world) can be exceedingly tricky and sometimes overwhelmingly stressful and as a result, everyone experiences a wide range of moods, most of which will have either a positive or negative impact on their behavior.

If, instead of these normal highs and lows, your mood swings seem to be a lot more frequent and reach both of the polar extremes in just a few minutes (especially if you cannot put your finger on why you feel this way) then make an appointment with your doctor.

Losing Belongings

Everyone, at some point or another, loses their car keys, or enters a room and entirely fails to remember why they opened the door. However, if you feel as if you are constantly confused and you keep losing your train of thought, then it may well be worth getting checked out to be on the safe side.

Another key sign would be if you find, for example, the key to your house in the sugar bowl, or instead of the refrigerator, you have put the milk carton in the downstairs cupboard.


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