Latest bitcoin Events 2021

There is some news circulated on social media platforms about Crypto currencies. Earlier, people used to read the news related to celebrities and now Bitcoin Economy has gained a huge popularity. You can find news related to cryptography on the leading newspapers and social media in every alternative day, but all these you need to avoid such fake news to keep your investment safe. Here, you can find some latest Bitcoin events in 2021:

Elon Musk invested on Bitcoin – Elon Musk is the owner of the Tesla and he was announced in 2021 that his company is going to accept payment in Bitcoin. He has announced that they have made some changes in their company policy and now people can pay to Tesla with bitcoin. After this announcement, the price of bitcoin was increased. But Musk again announced at the end of 2021 that his company will not going to accept bitcoin as a payment mode because it has a great impact on environment, as bitcoin mining requires energy and power.

China Government banned bitcoin – China Government has banned bitcoin in 2021 and they have declared it has money laundering activity. Apart from that, the government stated that mining bitcoin requires lot of computers and it can drag a huge amount of energy. So, bitcoin mining can increase the carbon emission rate that can harm the environment. So, they have finally banned bitcoin in their country.

Square’s Inc own bitcoin – Square’s Inc invested a huge amount on Bitcoin and they have purchase more than 5000 bitcoins. They stated that they brought bitcoin for financial development of the country.

Apart from that, almost 70% of the population of United Kingdom has invested in Bitcoin in 2021. We all know that financial market has suffered a lot due to pandemic and bitcoin has gained a huge popularity during this pandemic. Major investors started investing their funds on bitcoin during pandemic, and bitcoin touched the highest value in 2021. It is the year where maximum trading done on crypto currencies, and maximum numbers of crypto accounts has opened during this year. Apart from Bitcoin, investors also invested their funds on other crypto currencies such as ETH and Dogecoin.

India made bitcoin as legal trade – After accepting the bitcoin as valid payment mode by many businesses, government of different countries started showing their interest in bitcoin. Indian Government has declated bitcoin investment as legal trade in 2022 budget and the government stated in their budget that people invested in bitcoin can pay their taxes and they need to pay minimum 30% tax on the income earned from bitcoin investment.

PayPal and Microsoft accepting Bitcoin – It is a great news for crypto world. PayPal and Microsoft are now accepting bitcoin as payment mode. Apart from that, people having PayPal account can directly invest their funds on bitcoin and they can buy bitcoin from their PayPal dashboard. Similarly, you can use your coins for buying virtual products from Microsoft.

So, it is expected that more businesses and retailers will accept bitcoin as payment mode soon and you can use your coins for buying goods and services in future.

But there is no regulation available for bitcoin trading and bitcoin exchanges are not affiliated or authorized by government. So, a set of regulations should be implemented and government of different countries are trying to sketch a uniform regulation for bitcoin trading. You can use different methods like hedging or trend trading to earn a huge return from bitcoin, but you need to choose a secured platform like Bitcoin era for the same.

Without knowing the trends and trading methods, you should not invest your funds on crypto currencies because such digital assets are highly volatile. Apart from that, you must avoid the fake news scrolling around the web because such news is circulated by the major investors to decrease the price of bitcoin. As bitcoin is capped with a certain number, the price will be increased automatically when there is a shortage. So investors always try to circulate such news to decrease the price of such digital assets and you can take this chance to invest your funds by buying bitcoin at fewer prices.


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